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George Michael Anxious For Former Partner Kenny Goss's Health In Final Conversation Before Star's Death

George died in December 2016.

Kenny Goss has revealed he last spoke to his former love George Michael about a month before the star’s death in December, when George checked on his former love’s own health. 

“Normally I spoke to George when he was in a good place,” Kenny told ‘This Morning’. “One of the first things he’d always say to me was ‘Darling, how is your recovery?’

The pair each had their problems with addiction during their 13 years together. While Kenny battled with drink, George kept his darker tales of drug use away from his partner.

Kenny said today: “He kept nothing from me and I admire him for that. Was he honest with me about drugs? He probably wasn’t as honest because he knew how I felt about it. That was probably the only area that he wasn’t honest with me about. We both had our own issues. We both worried a lot about each other.”

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Kenny Goss was with George Michael for 13 years, and stayed close to the star until George's death in December 2016

Kenny and George were together for 13 years after meeting at a spa in Los Angeles, and Kenny describes their relationship as “a normal life together”. 

He said: 

“I don’t think he liked being famous at all. It was very difficult. Every morning we’d spend a couple of hours… George was one of the brightest people I ever met - we’d spend a couple of hours about his thoughts on politics and what was going on in the world. Sometimes I thought ‘How the hell do you know all this stuff?’ But he was so well versed on international affairs.”

Speaking of George’s arrest in Beverly Hills in 1998 when he was outed in headlines across the world, Kenny remembers: 

“We had lunch that day, and he had maybe a bottle of wine and I got a message [later] saying ‘darling, please call this number’... So I called this number and they said ‘Beverly Hills Police’ and they brought him to the phone and I said ‘Darling what happened? Did you get a drunk driving?’ and he said ‘If only!’ and that’s all he said. And I went and got him out of jail.

“I forgave him. I don’t think I was ever really mad at him. He explained it to me, I understood it… and the world was watching him and I loved him, that’s all I can say. George was one of the most honest people I’d ever met. Sometimes I would say ‘enough!’”

Kenny was giving the interview in aid of his charity foundation that he created with George. He explained:

“One of the reasons that [we] had this foundation, George said I was lucky and should do everything I can to give back to the public. Money did not mean a lot to him and he believed in helping people… he was a very generous guy.”

Despite focusing his time on the Foundation, Kenny revealed how he is feeling since the death of George. He said, “I’m doing really well - the thing that keeps me at peace is that I know he’s with his mother. I know he loved her dearly, and his mother’s birthday was on 24 December and he loved her dearly, as much as any son could love a mother, so he’s with her now.”

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