Naked Club Nights Set To Launch In Soho, London

We predict a lot of jiggling 👀

A naked club night is coming to the capital, proving once again that us Brits love nothing more than getting our kits off.

The Takeover Bar in Soho, London is set to become home to regular ‘Get Naked’ club nights, which encourage revellers to strip off and enjoy what God gave them.

Those who are brave enough to bare all will be rewarded with a bottle of champagne.

Of course, nudity is not mandatory and you are quite welcome to rock up in your clothes. But beware, naked people may be bopping around you.

Flashpop via Getty Images

The launch date was originally 7 October, however it has had to be postponed, according to the club night’s Twitter feed.

Despite this, tickets have been selling “like hotcakes”.

Josh Walker, PR for the event, told “Soho is bohemian, sexual and liberating - and the venue is intimate, so we are expecting a sell out.”

The night will not only feature plenty of naked bums, but entertainers, magicians and hula hoopers too.

Walker revealed there may or may not also be a few celebrities in attendance.

Naked restaurants, naked dating shows and now this - whatever next?