04/04/2016 16:00 BST | Updated 05/04/2016 08:25 BST

‘Ghost’ Children Photographed At Haunted Pen-Y-Lan Hall

The apparitions of two children photographed in a 17th century home in North Wales are genuine, ghosthunters say.

Cheshire-based group the Haunted Hunts claims the pictures show a young boy dressed in black gazing out of a window in Pen-Y-Lan Hall, while the figure of a little girl was apparently captured in the grounds of the grade II listed building.

Daniel Moss, of Haunted Hunts told the Wales Daily Post: “Pen-Y-Lan Hall is haunted by numerous children, over the years there have been multiple sightings and it is one of our most mysterious locations.”

The Haunted Hunts
Circled in the top right of the picture is what the Haunted Hunts claims is the apparition of a little boy

The image of the little boy, taken in August, was only noticed a day later, with Moss recalling: “It was only the day after when we noticed the little boy stood in the window. The only person in the house at the time was the owner and there were no children there.

“The little girl ghost was captured in the grounds by one of our guests and I just have no logical explanation for it. It is a clear face with eyes and a nose.”

According to the group's website, the Gothic-style house, which is located near the village of Ruabon, “is a must visit for anyone interested in the paranormal world.”

The Haunted Hunts
The group says there is no logical explanation for this image, which purportedly shows the face of a little girl

It adds: “Footsteps and voices can be heard from the empty rooms and hallways and shadows can be seen lurking in the dark.

“Both the hall and the grounds are very active, full body apparitions have been seen on many occasions and people have been touched by an unseen presence.

“The hall itself has a very impressive cellar which may have once held prisoners, screams and the sound of a crying baby can be heard from the many dark tunnels in this section of the hall.”

Speaking to Huffington Post UK, Moss added: "Lots of people who grew up around the area have seen the spirits of children running around the grounds and hall, so to catch them on camera and prove to everyone that they are here is fantastic. 

"We would urge any sceptic to come on one of our nights at any of our locations as we witness some incredible things that would turn them into believers."

Fellow ghosthunters Spirit Quest UK have also earmarked Pen-Y-Lan Hall as a prime location for paranormal activity.

In 2012 group leader Howard Hughes led a six hour investigation into the property during which he recorded child-like voices, a “gruff voice” in the cellar and a man’s voice in the sitting room.

He told LeaderLive: “If you think of your typical paranormal investigation, any one of these things happening would have people saying ‘Wow.’

“I would have to say I have never heard of anybody experiencing and recording so much in one night. It’s outstanding.

“Pen-Y-Lan has to be one of the most haunted places in Britain. I will stand by that.”

The hall featured in an episode of Channel 4's Country House Rescue in 2011, where it was revealed to have been built in 1690 by one of the founders of Lloyds bank. 

The Country Seat adds: "Though as Quakers they suffered extreme prosecution in Wales and moved to Birmingham in 1689... the house was then sold to the Holloway family in 1849, where it has passed down through the generations to the current owner, Emma Holloway."