11 Pitfalls Of Ghosting A Best Friend


Everyone has that one friend in their life who brings more drama and emotional baggage than an episode of Eastenders, and now you’ve decided to get rid of them.

But be warned, ghosting isn’t all new pals and singledom there are some serious pitfalls to this nuclear approach.

1. Never getting back those jeans they borrowed in 2008.

2. Or the running tab they racked up over the years.

3. Bumping into mutual friends and people asking what went wrong.

4. Having to come up with new private jokes.

5. Not being able to tag them cat memes.

6. Facebook Timehop constantly reminding you of your cowardice.

7. And feeling guilty for taking the immature way out when they just wanted to be your friend.

8. Not being able to discuss your ex-boyfriend with anyone who lived through it.

9. Having to sing Taylor Swift solo and realising they were the one that could actually hold a tune.

10. Not being able to justify buying a sharing size bag of Maltesers.

11. Realising that making new friends isn’t as easy as you thought it might be.

There’s no going back from this.

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