Gin And Tonic Pancake Recipe: A Delicious Treat For The Gin-Lover In Your Life

Gin + pancakes = dream.

Attention gin fans! If you’re looking for a tasty dessert to accompany your favourite tipple, why not try pancakes (with more gin in them)?

Gin and tonic pancakes are quick and easy to make and are guaranteed to leave your dinner party guests smiling.

To make the boozy dessert, watch the video above or check out our full list of instructions below. Happy baking! 🍸


:: Juice of 1 lemon and 1 lime

:: Lemon and lime zest

:: 3tbsp sugar

:: 3tbsp gin

:: 200g self raising flour

:: 1 egg

:: 250g gin and tonic can

:: 50ml milk

:: Knob of butter

Plus cocktail sticks and an obligatory cocktail umbrella.


1. Make the lemon and lime zest garnish. Simply peel the zest from a lemon and roll it around a cocktail stick. Repeat with lime zest, then set both aside.

2. Next, it’s on to the gin and tonic syrup. Squeeze the lemon and lime juice into a pan, then add the sugar and gin. Boil the mixture for three minutes.

3. Finally, we’re on to the gin and tonic pancakes themselves. Much like regular pancakes, place the flour in a bowl and add the egg. Then whisk in your can of G+T until smooth.

4. Melt the butter in a pan and spoon in the pancake mixture in individual portions. Heat until the pancakes are a glorious golden brown.

5. To serve, stack the pancakes and drizzle the gin and tonic syrup over the top, before garnishing with your curled zest and that all important umbrella.