27/02/2017 13:28 GMT

Dad Has Awkward Encounter With Teacher After Daughter Admits They 'Have Lots Of Weed' At Home

Watch the little girl give her explanation.

A dad had a pretty awkward encounter with his daughter’s teacher after she told her school he “has lots of weed at home” and even grows it, too.

The adorable youngster innocently recounted to her dad, Dax Holt, on camera what she had told the teacher after he was pulled up and asked about it.

“Weed is not good for you and we have a lot of it,” Skylar said with a serious look on her face.

“Did you tell them we have a lot of weed in our house?” her dad replied. 

“Yeah, a lot of it,” the daughter answered. 


Skylar continued: “Weed is not good for you, because weed is stuff that is grass but it’s not grass because it’s weed.”

Trying to confirm that he doesn’t in fact grow weed, Holt added: “Do you want to explain and show us what you mean?”

His daughter nodded and headed outside into the garden, pointing to weeds in the grass and by the paving slabs. 


“Oh that, that’s the weed you are talking about?” the dad said.

“Yep, and here, and here,” (and so on while she points out the weeds in the garden).

Well that cleared that up then.

Holt shared the video on Facebook with the caption: “My child’s teacher: ‘So Skylar tells me you guys have a ton of weed at home’.

“Me: ‘Umm’, Teacher: ‘She said you’re growing it’, Me: ____.”

Holt’s video had been viewed more than 70,000 times in five days. 

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