Train Station Proposal Leaves Commuters In Suspense Over Whether She Said 'Yes'


A couple’s proposal left most of Glasgow Central Station in suspense last night, when a guy used the departure boards to ask his partner Linsay to marry him.

The proposal appeared on the ‘Special Notices’ board just after 6pm.

It read: “Linsay, we met here on our first date exactly three years ago. Tonight I am asking you to make these happy times go on forever... Will you marry me..? Craig.”

Understandably, everyone wanted to know what the final outcome was.

Twitter user @tatooinechick said she was “desperate” to know what Linsay’s answer was.

Lauren (@_vermillion10) was far less subtle. “TELL US WHAT HAPPENS NEXT,” she tweeted.

After around 30 minutes of waiting, Twitter account @ScotRail put an end to the suspense and revealed that Linsay had indeed said ‘yes’.

They tweeted: “Big congratulations to Linsay and Craig.”

Another commuter (@arekgrabka) tweeted to say he’d spotted the happy couple celebrating their engagement in the Champagne bar in the station.

“Everyone in the room cheered for them as they walked in to the bar,” he wrote.

When ScotRail revealed the happy news on Twitter, commuters (who at this point had become thoroughly invested in the outcome) were quick to share messages of congratulations to the happy couple.

Congratulations Linsay and Craig!