2024 Golden Globes: Read Live Updates

The stars were out for the first big awards show of the year.
A shot of the red carpet at 81st Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.
A shot of the red carpet at 81st Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.
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The 81st Golden Globe Awards aired Sunday night on CBS and Paramount+, and was a star-studded affair celebrating TV and film.

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” had the most nominations for film categories, with nine nods, and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” followed closely with eight. HBO’s “Succession” topped the number of nods for TV. “Oppenheimer,” “The Bear,” “Beef,” “Succession,” “Poor Things” and “Anatomy of a Fall” all won at least two awards. (You can see the full list of winners here.)

The show included a few historic wins: Lily Gladstone became the first Native actor to win Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture — Drama, for her role as Mollie Burkhart in “Killers of a Flower Moon.” Ali Wong’s win made her the first actor of Asian descent to win in her category for Netflix’s “Beef.” Steven Yeun became the second person of Asian descent to win his award, after Darren Criss won in the category in 2019. Comedian Jo Koy hosted the ceremony, making him only the second person of Asian descent to host the show. (Sandra Oh was the first in 2019.)

There were a handful of changes to the award show this year. The Globes introduced two new categories: Cinematic and Box Office Achievement, and Best Performance by a Stand-Up Comic. (“Barbie” and Ricky Gervais won those categories, respectively.) CBS is also hosting the ceremony for the first time in 40 years, after NBC ended its longtime partnership.

This marks the first Globes ceremony since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was shut down in June, following a 2021 Los Angeles Times report that the organization had zero Black members and several ethical breaches. Dick Clark Productions and Eldridge bought the rights to the Golden Globes in June. In October, the voting body expanded to 300 members.

HuffPost reporters and editors covered the ceremony. Take a look at all our updates from the night.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article identified Steven Yeun as the first actor of Asian descent to win a Golden Globe in his category. Actor Darren Criss, who is Filipino American, won in 2019 for his portrayal of Andrew Cunanan in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.”



The Golden Globes Could Have Spread The Wealth More

Just a handful of shows and movies mostly dominated tonight: “Oppenheimer,” “Succession,” “The Bear,” “Beef,” “Poor Things,” “The Holdovers” and “Anatomy of a Fall” all won at least two awards. I love a large majority of these, but I also wish the Globes had spread the wealth a bit more tonight.

For example, my personal favorite movie of 2023, “Past Lives,” won nothing, which is a shame, though it had some stiff competition in the categories it was in. — Marina

Yeah, some of those are really good, with the exception of “The Holdovers.” But I also love a good unexpected win. I would have loved to see the great “Past Lives” get an award. — Candice

On the TV side, “Abbott Elementary,” which has week after week singlehandedly revitalized network TV, got nothing, as did the hilarious and wonderful “Jury Duty.” — Marina

“Abbott Elementary” has received a number of awards in the past, but it is the funniest actual sitcom in recent years. I’m kinda surprised to see it get shut out here.

I have a lot of quibbles with “The Color Purple,” but I know folks hated that it wasn’t nominated for Best Musical tonight and that neither Danielle Brooks nor Fantasia Barrino won for Best Supporting and Lead Actress, respectively. I was kind of surprised to see it not win anything, but I also feel … quite indifferent about it and that. — Candice
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'Oppenheimer' Wins Best Film—- Drama

This probably solidifies it as the current Best Picture front-runner in the Oscar race. Pretty big night for them, with four Golden Globes total. — Marina
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Lily Gladstone Wins Best Actress — Drama For 'Killers Of The Flower Moon'

She makes history as the first Native actor to win this award. Something I keep trying to emphasize any time she comes up: I really hope all of her awards attention means people check out some of her other work over the years, from guest-starring on “Reservation Dogs” to her wonderful breakout role in Kelly Reichardt’s “Certain Women” from all the way back in 2016. It’s a good reminder that whenever someone gets their “big break,” it’s actually because they’ve been working hard for a very long time. — Marina

Gladstone is a fantastic actress, and I hope that “Fancy Dance,” a movie that I watched nearly a year ago at Sundance, actually comes out at some point so that more people can get to see her in a role in which she is centered and that is written so well and complexly and helmed by a Native filmmaker (Erica Tremblay). — Candice

Yes! It’s absurd that it hasn’t gotten distribution. — Marina
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'Poor Things' Wins Best Film — Musical Or Comedy

I think this is the one big surprise we’ve had tonight? I assumed “Barbie” was the front-runner here. — Marina

I think “Poor Things” is absolutely hilarious and actually smart and unhindered. So much of what “Barbie” could not be. I’m happy it won. — Candice

Every trade magazine I’d perused while preparing for tonight seemed to put “Barbie” here. But hey, I’m not mad at them being wrong! — Erin

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'Succession' Wins Best Drama Series

Of course.

I appreciate that everyone on the show is finally getting to take their victory lap for that spectacular final season, between this and presumably next week’s Emmys. They deserve it. — Marina

Yeah, we’ll probably see this next week as well. — Candice
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Sarah Snook Wins For 'Succession'

SHIV! Honestly, far and away the best person in this category. She killed it, especially this season. I’m surprised she thought she wasn’t going to have to get up there on stage because all season on “Succession,” we all said: “Give Sarah Snook all the awards.” The Shiv-Tom fight: TV perfection. — Marina

Happy to see her win too! And I will forever think of her for that extremely embarrassing scene in the boardroom in the final episode when the three siblings are physically fighting and she just walks out — because they’re all so goddamn embarrassing. — Candice

'The Bear' Wins Best Comedy Series

“The Bear,” a lot of laughs. I love, love, love this show. (I just realized I am currently wearing my “Original Berf” shirt.) But also, “Jury Duty” and “Abbott Elementary” are, uh, actually comedies. — Marina

Lionel Boyce is my boo in my head, so it was so nice to see him get to accept the award. He did an incredible job remembering so many names and THEN thanking the restaurant community for all they do — just a pitch-perfect gesture. — Erin

That standalone Marcus episode, when he explores the culinary scene of Copenhagen (and trains with Will Poulter), is one of my favorites. I hope he gets more moments to shine in Season 3. — Marina

Yes, to all of this. And I’m ready for awards committees to acknowledge other performances on this show. — Candice
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'Beef' Sweeps The Globes

“Beef” has now won every limited series award tonight, with Ali Wong and Steven Yeun winning earlier in the night for their respective performances, and now the show winning Best Limited Series.

Lol at creator Lee Sung Jin for thanking the other driver in the real-life road rage incident that inspired the show. — Marina

Did 'Barbie' Just Get Thrown A Pity Golden Globe?

"Barbie" wins the box office achievement award. It is the first time this category was added to the ceremony.

A weird award to include in this new iteration of the Globes because 1. The Oscars tried it a few years ago, and very quickly walked it back because absolutely no one liked it! 2. As many people have already pointed out on social media: “That’s what the money is for!!!!!” (said in Don Draper’s voice) 3. This year, of all years, is an especially strange year to introduce this award because of the dominance of Barbenheimer. — Marina

This is such an obvious case of let’s give “Barbie” something because we have no intention of actually giving it any other award. Which is fine to me, because I think better movies happened last year. But it’s also weird to nominate some of the same movies that were nominated for their actual merit in other categories. This just seems indulgent. — Candice

Yep. And also, “let’s find a reason to nominate Taylor Swift so that she’ll show up.” Also, Margot Robbie shouting out “the bravery” of Warner Brothers and Mattel, two major corporations, for “taking a risk” in greenlighting the movie. *shrug* — Marina

LOL don’t get me back on my bandwagon of this “this is very obviously a Mattel-sponsored movie and it needs the movie perhaps more than the movie needs it.” But I will.

And yes, this is very clearly a “we need Swifties to watch the show, so let’s cut away to Taylor Swift every five minutes and nominate her in a BS category.” So desperate. — Candice

LMAO. I agree with all of this. And still stand by our decision of NOT including “Barbie” in our best films of the year list for 2023. It was fine. Aggressively fine! Also, more America Ferrera all the time. — Erin

I had a great time seeing it in the theater, and I liked a lot of it. But ultimately, it’s a movie made by two huge corporations and essentially a two-hour advertisement for a toy. I think Greta Gerwig made the best film she could, given those constraints, and it was a healthy sign for the movie industry that it made a lot of money. But as we’ve discussed throughout the night, there was a wealth of great films in 2023. — Marina

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Cillian Murphy Wins For “Oppenheimer”

A solid performance and gracious speech, acknowledging his long association with Christopher Nolan.

An aside: I love that Murphy’s fellow Irish man Andrew Scott (aka Hot Priest) was so thrilled for him. It also reminds me that I so wish Andrew Scott was actually a front-runner for all of the Best Actor awards this season because for me, he’s far and away the best nominee in that category. His performance in “All of Us Strangers” is one I haven’t stopped thinking about for months. — Marina

Agreed, Marina! Murphy was extraordinary in “Oppenheimer,” and Scott is also so so good in the equally great “All of Us Strangers.” — Candice

I’ll have to move up “All of Us Strangers” on my watch list.” — Erin
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Emma Stone Wins For “Poor Things”

The level of difficulty in her performance is so, so impressive. If you haven’t seen “Poor Things,” just know that she has to quite literally build this character from the ground up, changing her physicality and speech bit by bit, as her character progresses in her development into a fully fledged woman coming up against society’s expectations of her. — Marina

I’m looking forward to finally seeing this. I’m going to try to see it in theaters this week. — Erin

This is the best performance I’ve ever seen Stone do, and I think she has a bevy of really good ones. As you said, Marina, this is an extremely technical and difficult performance, and she pulls it off so well. — Candice

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Kieran Culkin Finally Gets His Due

Again, every single actor in “Succession” is unbelievably good. But I’m so glad to see Kieran Culkin get his due, both for his career — as he references in his speech, he was nominated for “Igby Goes Down” 20 years ago — and for having a hell of a run on “Succession.” Roman had a pretty big arc this season, so it feels right to give this award to him, over his castmates Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox. — Marina

I knew this was the “Succession” category with so many actors nominated from it in this category. And all of these potential wins would have been well deserved. But I am happy Culkin won. The Culkin fam has been great for so very long. — Candice

Remember he was the cousin who would always pee in the bed in “Home Alone”? Fuller! I love that movie. What a great win for Kieran tonight. — Erin
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Ayo Edebiri Gives Perfect Acceptance Speech, Thanking Everyone Including The People Who Answer Her Emails

I love “The Bear,” and I LOOOVE Ayo Edebiri. This win is so well-deserved. I love how she thanked her team, especially her assistants and the folks who answer her emails. It’s so important to thank all the people who help you get where you are — and this was such a kind moment. — Erin

Ayo! Just when we couldn’t love her more. — Marina
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'Anatomy Of A Fall' Wins Best Film Not In The English Language

Another win for Justine Triet and “Anatomy of a Fall.” I love Triet shouting out every member of the cast, from Milo Machado Graner, the phenomenal child actor whose character is having to process the film’s revelations just as we are; to Snoop, the dog who plays a pivotal role: "Thank you for being yourself, just a dog."

One quibble I have with this category: while I appreciate the attempt to reconfigure the category (it was formerly “foreign film,” which was really not great when they were essentially saying Asian American films like “Minari” and “The Farewell” were “foreign”), it’s still an imperfect solution, given that several of these nominees, including “Past Lives” and “Anatomy of a Fall,” are actually primarily in English. Not to sound like a cliché, but maybe great film is global and shouldn’t have arbitrary borders? — Marina

Agreed. I thought of that too, Marina! But mostly for “Past Lives” this year, which is primarily in English and is also set primarily in the U.S. and centers on an Asian American, like you said. It’s…awkward. — Candice

Ricky Gervais Wins For 'Armageddon'

Like Jim Gaffigan, I appreciate that this awards show is finally acknowledging stand-up specials — especially when they seem to hate stand-up comics and stand-up comedy. I haven’t seen “Armageddon” yet, but I do plan to watch it. I’ve seen all the other nominated stand-ups and it’s weird that the only actually great and smart clip they showed was from Wanda Sykes’ special “I’m An Entertainer” — and it doesn’t even win! Like, I know there are better segments from all the others that were somehow just… not chosen. The whole presentation seemed like “look how unfunny these professionally funny people are.” Ugh, come on. — Candice
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Jeremy Allen White Wins For “The Bear”

Probably the first of several awards for “The Bear” tonight. My love for this show, especially its exquisite second season, is well-documented. But also, I’m still very perplexed as to why it continues to be classified as a comedy. Just because it’s a half-hour show? — Marina

OMG “The Bear” — SO HILARIOUS! LOL, I will never understand how it’s in the comedy category either. He is great in it though. Also, “Shameless” fans stand up! — Candice

Candice, I’m right here with you on the “Shameless” train. I fell in love with J.A.W. then! And you know what, I started thinking about this last night. What if “The Bear” switches to drama next season now that “Succession” is over? — Erin
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Justine Triet Wins For 'Anatomy Of A Fall'

This is such a strong category with several fantastic writers and screenplays. Great to see Triet win for an incredibly meticulously crafted and plotted script in “Anatomy of a Fall,” transforming what could have been a pretty standard crime procedural or courtroom drama into something so thought-provoking and searing. All three of us love this movie, so I cannot stress enough that you should see it if you haven’t already. — Marina

I am so ecstatic for writer-director Justine Triet and the writing in “Anatomy of a Fall.” I felt like I won something, LOL. — Candice
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Daniel Kaluuya, Hailee Steinfeld & Shameik Moore Roast Studio Execs In Hilariously Wooden Award Intro

OK, I love this bit. Presenters Daniel Kaluuya, Hailee Steinfeld and Shameik Moore just referenced the actors and writers strikes by reading banter that they say wasn’t written by a writer, but by a studio executive. It’s as wooden and boring as you’d expect. Very funny. — Marina

Yeah, I was cackling at this. Especially watching Daniel stay so straight-faced through it all. — Erin
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Ray Romano & Keri Russell Promise To Be Truthful At Golden Globes — And It Quickly Goes Awry

I mean, this little bit is making me wish Keri Russell and Ray Romano could be the hosts. Or star in a dramedy together. This was fun and light and, well, I always want to see Russell getting into her comedy bag. — Erin
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Buckle Up, F**kleheads: Matthew Macfadyen Just Won For 'Succession'

Tom Wambsgans!!!!! What a final season for him. Everyone on that brilliant show is fantastic, but man, did Matthew Macfadyen have some killer scenes as “Succession” wrapped up, like that Shiv-Tom blowout fight, which I think about all the time.

A classy speech, as always: I deeply enjoyed him describing the joy of playing “the human grease stain that is Tom Wambsgans” — I mean, Waystar Royco CEO Tom Wambsgans.

That Nicholas Britell “Succession” theme music never disappoints. I suspect we’ll be hearing much more of that tonight. — Marina

I love that the successor won. — Candice
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Elizabeth Debicki Wins For 'The Crown'

I’ve had some mixed thoughts on the final stretch of “The Crown,” but it’s hard to deny she is fantastic as Princess Diana. I am a little surprised she won given how strong and varied the nominees in this category are. J. Smith-Cameron — Gerri from “Succession”! Abby Elliott — Natalie from “The Bear”! Maybe it was recency bias? — Marina

I was rooting for J. Smith-Cameron!!! — Erin

Team Gerri, always. — Marina

I was honestly very meh in this category. I love Cameron in “Succession,” but she did not have enough standout scenes this season. — Candice
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Ali Wong Thanks Ex-Husband In Golden Globes Acceptance Speech: "It's Because Of You"

Ali Wong reminds us that she’s a class act by thanking the father of her children in her acceptance speech for Best Actress in a Limited Series.

Wong and her ex-husband, Justin Hakuta, are in the middle of a divorce, after Wong filed over a year after first announcing her split.

Wong and Hakuta have two children, Mari and Nikki.

At the Golden Globes, Wong kissed her date actor Bill Hader, who is also nominated for a Globe this year (in the Best Actor in a Television Series — Musical or Comedy). — Erin
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Ali Wong And Steven Yeun Both Win For 'Beef'

I think we all loved “Beef” a lot, so this is great. — Marina

Here for a “Beef” sweep. I hope that happens. — Candice

That show was so, so, so, good. Like, I’ll probably rewatch it this year even though it just premiered in 2023. — Erin

Lol at Steven Yeun realizing he just described the plot of “Frozen,” which he very sweetly used as a segue to shoutout his daughter. — Marina
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Robert Downey Jr. Wins For 'Oppenheimer'

Obviously, he’s beloved in the industry, but I had a hard time getting through “Oppenheimer,” and was especially confused by the way the movie used his character’s beef with Oppenheimer as the framing device. He is very good though, and this is a great and rousing speech. — Marina

I hear you, Marina. But I really, really love Robert Downey, Jr. in “Oppenheimer,” and pretty much everyone else in that movie. And I love that he shouted out journalists in his speech. People rarely ever do that, completely negating our contribution to them even being there. — Candice

Wait, I blanked and totally forgot Charles Melton was nominated in this same category. He should have won. Downey was great, but man… Melton in “May December.” — Candice

Angela Bassett…

…doing the thing. I feel like we’re obligated to keep making that joke now, right? Also, props to her for making bantering with Jared Leto actually bearable. — Marina

She looked incredible, too! — Erin
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We Have No Words For That Jo Koy Monologue

Look, being an awards show host is one of the most thankless jobs in the business, and Jo Koy even acknowledged that: “I got this gig 10 days ago! You want a perfect monologue?”
But still, this is pretty cringey. A lot of awkward segues, like asking Robert De Niro how he had a kid at 80, and then talking about how good “Killers of the Flower Moon” was?! And that “The Color Purple”/Ozempic joke? And a dick joke about “Succession”????? — Marina

I did laugh at the joke about white people taking the story of “Killers of a Flower Moon.” But then quickly the opener went back to being so cringey. — Erin

Yes, and naturally, the room full of white people didn’t get it.

I think both things are true: Some of these jokes are not landing, and some of them are just flat-out bad. — Marina

I very much was Meryl Streep covering her face throughout the whole thing. — Erin
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The First Award Of The Night Goes To...

Da'Vine Joy Randolph wins best supporting actress in a motion picture for her role in "The Holdovers."

She’s wonderful, but in a very underwritten role, I think. As we discussed earlier, I’m going to choose to think of this award as acknowledgement for all the other great roles she’s played in the last couple of years. — Marina

Will This Mark The Start Of Golden Globes 2.0?

The Golden Globes voting body is allegedly more diverse now, and includes more people who actually work in entertainment or cover entertainment than during its previous iteration. Recall all of the scandals involving what was then known as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — a few years ago, a Los Angeles Times investigation revealed a lot of shady dealings at the organization, including people allegedly bribing each other for awards; the HFPA having zero Black members; and many members who were only tangentially connected to film and television, and not entertainment journalists, as the name would suggest.

They’ve allegedly overhauled everything in the years since. Will that make a difference in the awards? Judging from the nominees list, the Globes might be becoming a bit too conventional, hewing pretty closely to the same people showing up on every Oscar contenders list. That’s pretty typical for awards this time of year.

But in past iterations of the Globes, there were always some, uh, idiosyncratic choices, the ones that were like: “What?” “Who?” “Them?” For better or for worse, I still want at least a few of those, the ones that will make us mad, or become a random trivia item years later, because the Globes have always been at their most fun when they embrace the chaos. — Marina
Actors Teo Yoo and Greta Lee, with director Celine Song of "Past Lives." (Photo by AP)

Here's Everything We’re Thinking About Ahead of the Ceremony

This might be the most prepared I've ever been for awards season? I've actually seen a good chunk of the films, though I still need to finish "Oppenheimer" and see "Poor Things," "The Zone of Interest" and "Nyad," among others. I feel pretty strongly about a lot of the contenders — in sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good ways.

"Anatomy of a Fall" and "Past Lives" are the two films that I still think about so often because they were both THAT good. "Maestro" and "Priscilla" were both snoozefests. "Killers of the Flower Moon" was good but also devastating and WTF was that ending? "Barbie" was just fine. As was "The Holdovers." Though I'm always happy to see Da'vine Joy Randolph on screen, so many critics keep projecting her as the frontrunner for best supporting actress, when IIII think it should go to Danielle Brooks for "The Color Purple." "Saltburn" didn't prove whatever point it was trying to make. "May December" reminded me that I absolutely adore Natalie Portman. (Who else loves her as much in "Black Swan" as they do in "Where The Heart Is"?)

I think I'll save a lot of my TV commentary for next week. Since, well, we'll be back here again for the Emmys. But I AM ready for the Roys to gobble up a bunch of Globes tonight. If tonight is full of "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer," I'm going to be so sad. I need some surprises! I need some drama! I need some wild and zany moments! — Erin

The way people are talking about Da'vine Joy Randolph in “The Holdovers” is how they should have been talking about her in “Dolemite Is My Name.” That will be the hill I die on this entire award season. — Candice

And “High Fidelity”! Which I am still mad about years later, re: it only getting one season. — Marina

“Saltburn” was all vibes, no actual point. And my other hill is that Lily Gladstone should actually be in the Supporting Actress category — and should win that. But, alas.

And yes, “Anatomy of a Fall” and “Past Lives” are both terrific. — Candice

Erin, I actually love the ending of “Killers of the Flower Moon” and think about it often. To me, it’s a continuation of what I think the whole movie is trying to do: confront how a story like this has historically been framed. Like, a true crime radio show is a pretty typical way we’d consume a story about mass murder, unfortunately. (I also think it’s based on actual FBI-sponsored radio shows back in the day, because of course those existed.) And the kicker — Scorsese telling us Mollie’s obituary made no mention of any of it — further underscores how history too often just erases these horrific acts, reframes them as entertainment, and moves on. — Marina

I keep meaning to rewatch “Anatomy of a Fall” because 1. yes, it’s so good, 2. I feel like I would get even more out of it on a second viewing. It’s so meticulously crafted.

I also adore “Past Lives” — the rare movie in 2023 that I saw twice in quick succession — and over the weekend was actually contemplating watching a third time, after recommending it to several people, who subsequently loved it too. — Marina

Here's A Look At The 2024 Golden Globes Nominations


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