Golden Globes Red Carpet 2018: Kelly Clarkson Loses It Over Meeting Meryl Streep

Honestly, we'd be exactly the same.

Kelly Clarkson’s lack of pretence has always been one of our favourite things about her, and this was never more evident than when she lost all traces of cool upon spotting Meryl Streep on the Golden Globes red carpet.

The chart-topping singer made an appearance on the red carpet on Sunday night (7 January), where she was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest as part of E!’s live coverage.

After the interview, Ryan helped Kelly down the stairs, and got a shock when she let out a shriek, thinking she was struggling in her outfit.

What he didn’t realise was that she’d actually just spotted Oscar-winner Meryl Streep arriving, and couldn’t resist trying to get her attention.

Shouting after her down the stairs, still live on air, Kelly asked: “Oh my god!! Can I meet you?? I am such a fan.”

Proving the old adage “you don’t ask, you don’t get”, Kelly then made her way down the stairs and got her wish, and fortunately for her Meryl was more than obliging with the enthusiastic singer.

Meryl Streep and Kelly Clarkson
Meryl Streep and Kelly Clarkson
Christopher Polk/NBC via Getty Images

Kelly was on the red carpet prior to her appearance as a guest presenter during the ceremony, while Meryl was nominated in the category of Best Performance In A Drama for her portrayal of Kay Graham in ‘The Post’.

Both Kelly and Meryl were seen wearing black gowns, as part of the ‘Time’s Up’ movement, in solidarity with victims of sexual abuse and harassment.

This celeb-on-celeb red carpet encounter almost rivals Sarah Paulson at last year’s Met Ball, who was photographed completely flipping out when she spotted Madonna coming by in the distance.


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