Gone Online Shopping While Drunk And Lived To Regret It? You're Not Alone

Because we all need 72 toilet rolls and a juicer.

Drinking booze and online shopping do not mix. But despite that, most of us are doing it – including myself. Well, those patterned cat beds from TK Maxx aren’t going to buy themselves.

The Hustle, a tech and business newsletter, recently asked over 2,000 Americans about their online shopping behaviour post booze and the findings were revealing to say the least.

Individuals spent an average of $444 (roughly £335) a year on items while drunk and, of those surveyed, 79% of people had made at least one drunk purchase before, with clothing and shoes being the most commonly bought items.

Amazon was the drunk shopping platform of choice – perhaps because beer goggles make it easier to use, because signing up to Prime seems even more exciting, or possibly because they just get sucked into the deals section?

AdrianHancu via Getty Images

The survey found women were ever so slightly more inclined to drunk shop than men (78% of male respondents did it, compared to 80% of women). And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the higher the income, the more likely you were to do it.

It turns out, people have bought some very useful things when drunk which, rather wonderfully, they didn’t live to regret.

But most of us aren’t winning when it comes to boozy buys. Case in point, the woman who bought 72 rolls of bog roll.

And these guys...