Good News, Your Late Night Kebab Is Actually Good For You (Ish)

We'll take it.
Adriana Duduleanu / EyeEm via Getty Images

Ah, Bank Holiday weekends. A time for fun, relaxing and more often than not, a raging hangover thanks to an extra night out without the worry of work in the morning.

Well, it turns out that if you want to lessen the chances of a pounding headache and being surgically attached to a glass of Berocca the next morning, you should probably visit the kebab shop on the way home from your big night out.

Why? According to Martin Seeley, the CEO and sleep expert at MattressNextDay, eating after drinking can help to stabilise your glucose levels.

Fatty foods can actually stop your body from absorbing too much alcohol, so eating a big meal with red meat (like a burger) before going out drinking is ideal, but a post-party kebab is okay too.

We’ll take that as that kebabs are good for us, cheers Martin.

But what else can we do to make the morning booze-induced hell a little bit easier?

When you’re out, mix your vodka with orange juice

Did you know that orange juice can neutralise congeners in vodka, which contributes to your hangover? Vodka itself has low levels of congeners compared to brandy or rum, so Seeley recommends a classic vodka orange (or as it’s sometimes known, a ‘screwdriver’).

Steer clear of fizzy mixers

Research has shown that carbonated mixers like lemonade and coke can get you drunk much more quickly. This is because mixing your alcohol with carbonated drinks increases the rate of alcohol absorption in the blood, thanks to the gas in the bubbles. If you want to avoid a hangover in the morning, try mixing your alcohol with fruit juice, or water and a flavoured cordial.

Order your drinks with ice so you go to the toilet less

Staying hydrated is absolutely essential for preventing a hangover. It might not be news to you that one of the main symptoms of a hangover is thirst, so make sure you’re staying topped up with water as you’re drinking.

Alcohol causes you to urinate more and generally dehydrates you by causing your body to produce a hormone called Vasopressin. If you don’t think you’ll remember to drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks, order your drinks with ice.

Sip your drink slowly, and as the ice melts, your drink will be diluted. This will increase the time between refills, as well as give you a little extra hydration.

Eat pomegranate seeds before you head out drinking

Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants and protein, which helps restore muscles and reduces inflammation, preparing you for a night of heavy drinking. With three times more antioxidants than green tea, it’s certainly worth a try.

Or alternatively, if you’re particularly well-prepared, drink a smoothie made of leafy greens and pomegranate seeds before you head out. Packed with nutrients and vitamins, this will prepare your body for having to restore its levels of nutrients later.

Skip the ibuprofen

Yup, put the packet of tablets down. While you might be tempted to reach for some ibuprofen to prepare yourself for the inevitable headache that comes with a hangover, taking medication such as ibuprofen or aspirin can irritate your stomach.

B Vitamins and Zinc, however, have been found to help alleviate the symptoms of hangovers. Red meat is full of Zinc - another reason to enjoy a takeaway after your night out.

Research suggests that Red Ginseng can prevent a hangover, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. A Korean herbal remedy, Red Ginseng also boosts your immune system. You can find it in capsule form in many health food shops.