Google Maps Reveals Secret Base With 30-Metre UFO At Area 51 Claims Alien Hunter

Alien Hunters Believe Google Maps Has Revealed A Secret UFO Base At Area 51

Alien hunters have made the astonishing claim that there's a giant 30-meter UFO being hidden at a secret base in Area 51 and you can actually see it on Google Maps.

Google Maps

According to UFO hunter Scott Waring of the image shows a completed hanger that was specially built around the alien craft after he discovered back in 2010 that there was something strange going on at the site.

By using Google Maps' time travelling feature, Waring was able to go back to his original discovery in 2010 and examine the changes that have been made over the last six years.

According to Waring this site is just one of several that have been dedicated to the research of up to eight alien UFOs. In the video explaining his findings Waring claims that this site is known as Area S4.

'This is supposed to be Area S4 and I have been calling it Area S4 ever since I heard of stories from Bob Lazar about the area, about Area S4 and the UFOs they have over there.'

Google Maps

The hanger, which features an admittedly interesting design, has only recently been finished after Waring discovered that work was being done on the site since 2010.

Waring believes that the four outer buildings you can see are 'air conditioning' units designed to keep the UFO at 'optimum temperature'.

While the military has often admitted the existence of Area 51 as being a top secret test facility the government as a whole has denied both the existence of aliens and the presence of any alien craft at the site.

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