8 Gorgeous Vases For Your Spring Blooms

No more pint glasses.

These days you don’t just have flowers because your mum came to visit and took pity on you. Now you’re a proper adult - you hoover, pay your council tax and remember to buy bin bags before you run out. It’s a whole vibe.

In this new life you no longer want to keep your flowers in a pint glass you got from the student union that one time, you want Pinterest-worthy vases that you can Instagram and feel smug about.

Here we are to help you out with our pick of the best - we’ve got spenny, budget and everything in between.

Nilo blue ceramic vase, Oliver Bonas, £20

Oliver Bonas is the absolute holy grail of homeware: single-handedly making it the most dangerous place you can go on your lunch break. This white ceramic vase with hand-painted stripes in a blue glaze is perfect for a bunch of spring tulips on your kitchen table.

Dimensions: H17cm x W14cm x D9cm.

Rounded glass vase, Arket, £12

Arket isn’t just good for clothes, the Scandi brand is also serving up some pretty snazzy homeware, and at affordable prices too. This soda-lime glass vase is mouth blown meaning that each one is unique (you don’t normally get that in high street shops). The opening is only wide enough for a single flower though so be warned you won’t be putting a whole bunch in here.

Dimensions: H12.5 cm x W10 cm.

Words fail to describe how much we love this hand-painted ceramic vase. Just look at it. The nail polish. The girl power. It also looks different to anything else we’ve seen on the high street, which is saying something in a world of copycat designs. Also would make a perfect birthday present for a girlfriend (earning you serious friend points along the way). Comes in a variety of skin tones.

Dimensions: H27cm x W12.9cm x D10.7cm.

Leopard vase, Audenza, £31.95

By now you’ve probably seen some version of this leopard vase on social media - but we’re still in love with it. When everything else we own is focused on clean, white lines and Scandinavian-cool, there’s something refreshing about a really kitsch animal vase. It’s also dishwasher safe so you don’t have to scrape all the flower gunk out of the bottom with your hands. Win.

Dimensions: H27cm x W11cm x D13cm.

Stoneware face vase, Madam Stoltz at Trouva, £45

This Madam Stoltz vase is one of the most expensive on the list, and at that price it would definitely be a treat, but we are complete suckers for how good this would look in an open fireplace - full of dried eucalyptus and surrounded by candles. Agreed?

Dimensions: W16cm x H28cm.

Cactus vase, John Lewis, £48

Looks like the cactus trend isn’t going anywhere just yet so this vase is the perfect addition to your home. We really like the textured appearance of this one and would probably put it in a bathroom. Although be warned the opening isn’t too large so you’re not going to get a massive bunch of flowers in here.

Dimensions: H29cm x W18.5cm x D18.5 cm.

There’s something about spotty patterns that never gets old. Especially when they’re made by Swedish designers and totally affordable. This dotty vase is unusual in that it is wider than it is tall (and another one with a narrow) neck but we think it would look great on a shelf surrounded by beautiful books.

Dimensions: H13cm x W17cm.

Faces multi-coloured cylinder vase, Habitat, £32

This faces vase was designed and made in Portugal specifically for Habitat, with each having a hand-applied glaze, making it unique. Not only is it nice and colourful but it’s also Matisse-inspired. Who said we weren’t cultured?

No dimensions available.