'Great British Bake Off': #BinGate Reference Makes It Into Former Contestant Iain Watters' Wedding

We haven't forgotten that Baked Alaska - and clearly neither has he.

Former ‘Great British Bake Off’ contestant Iain Watters couldn’t resist making a reference to his infamous Baked Alaska at his wedding.

‘Bake Off’ fans - and even the twos or threes of people around the country who don’t watch the BBC show - will no doubt remember the controversy created by Iain back in 2014, when he threw his melted Baked Alaska in the bin and presented it to the judges in one infamous episode.

The incident, dubbed #BinGate, even managed to creep its way into Iain’s wedding on Friday (9 September), proving he clearly now sees the funny side.

<strong> #BinGate</strong>

His fellow ‘Bake Off’ contestant Martha Collison has revealed he even had a Baked Alaska at the reception, complete with bride and groom figures on top of it, specially for the occasion.

That wasn’t the only dessert on offer on Iain’s big day, though (which is probably just as well given his history with it), with ‘Bake Off’ finalist Richard Burr also manning a “dessert table” with no fewer than 14 cakes on offer.

Remarkably, #BinGate started off as a silly Internet meme when Iain threw out his ruined dessert, but it quickly escalated into a nationwide scandal, with show presenter Sue Perkins forced to speak out and stop viewers from trolling Diana Beard, who was falsely accused of sabotage.

The incident even made its way onto ‘Newsnight’, in a segment that saw Iain telling his side of the story to the nation.

‘Great British Bake Off’ is currently onto its seventh series, airing every Wednesday night on BBC One.


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