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'Great British Bake Off' 2018 Final: Who Are The Finalists Kim-Joy, Rahul And Ruby, And Who Will Win?

It's going to be a close one.

After nine weeks of whisking, piping, glazing and laminating (yes, we know a thing or two about baking now), the grand final of this year’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ is upon us.

Kim-Joy, Rahul and Ruby will battle it out to land the most coveted title in British baking in the series climax, after an emotional semi-final saw us say goodbye to Briony

With many claiming this year’s is one of the closest finals in the show’s history (even though one contestant has already been tricked into letting the winner slip), we take a look at what chance each of the finalist stands of walking out of the tent victorious. 


Channel 4

Odds: 4/1

Times as Star Baker: 2 (spice week and vegan week)

It’s fair to say this finalist has been true to her name and brought plenty of joy to this series of ‘Bake Off’, and put quite simply, it wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Her positive attitude has won her an army of fans online who have willed her on in some of her trickier moments (that chocolate mousse misstep still makes us sad just thinking about it). 

While she might be the bookies’ least favourite, Kim-Joy has been a consistent performer over the last nine weeks - something which she has been praised for on more than one occasion by the judges. She is also responsible for one of the best showstoppers of the series, with her biscuit chandelier back in week one. 

Admittedly, she has never quite topped it for us since, but maybe she is saving up all her efforts for the final? 

Kim-Joy in one tweet: 


Channel 4

Odds: 5/6

Times as Star Baker: 2 (cake week and bread week)

Ah, Rahul. It was all going so well. 

After a ridiculously strong start to the competition (who could forget his swan-inspired showstopper in bread week?), the wheels have started to fall off for poor Rahul in recent episodes. 

Many thought he deserved to be sent home over Manon after a series of disasters in vegan week, and the judges’ decision to keep him in sparked something of a mini-backlash online.

After a middling performance in the semi-final, there has become a feeling - certainly on Twitter - that Rahul peaked too soon, and isn’t so deserving of a spot in the final. But with no public vote, and the judges’ clear love of him, it’s perhaps of little surprise he’s the current favourite to win. 

Rahul in one tweet: 


Channel 4

Odds: 7/4

Times as Star Baker: 2 (Danish week and patisserie week)

Nine weeks ago, we probably wouldn’t have predicted Ruby would’ve ended up as a finalist. However, she has risen up the ranks as the competition has entered its later stages. She’s also arguably going into the final in the strongest position, having been crowned Star Baker the last two consecutive weeks. 

She’s had a few lucky escapes though - most notably during vegan week when her showstopper cake literally collapsed. However, we think you’d agree when we say we’re prepared to overlook that, after it undoubtedly served up what was surely the most GIFable moment of the whole series.

Still hilarious three weeks on. 

However, with the inconsistency of bookies’ favourite Rahul over the last few weeks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Ruby’s recent surge push her over the finish line. 

Ruby in one tweet: 

‘The Great British Bake Off’ final airs on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4. 

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