'Great British Bake Off' Innuendos Reach New Levels Of Smut In Hilarious Biscuit Week Episode

'I'll eat a bit of carpet.'

Sue Perkins may have been missing from the latest episode of ‘The Great British Bake Off’, but that didn’t stop the show from hitting peak innuendo during Biscuit Week.

Viewers could not stop chuckling to themselves as ‘Bake Off’ reached a whole new level of smut with some of the comments judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry and host Mel Giedroyc were dishing out on Wednesday (31 August) night.

First off, there was Paul telling baker Val Stones that her “sister tastes lovely”, whilst he was judging one of her efforts:

Then Mary also revealed she didn’t mind munching “a bit of carpet” when Candice Brown presented her gingerbread pub to them, which came complete with sticky pub flooring:

There was also this comment about beavers. We’ll just leave this one here:

But it wasn’t just the judges and presenters who were getting a little saucy.

Candice also raised a smirk from fellow baker Andrew Smyth when she asked Mel to “grab my jugs”, when referring to one element of her gingerbread pub:

’Bake Off’ fans certainly seemed to be revelling in the filth on Twitter:

The innuendo-laden episode of ‘Bake Off’ also saw Louise Williams become the second baker to be eliminated, after crumbling under pressure in the showstopper challenge.

Her gingerbread church fell apart in the final seconds before presenting it to the judges, and while very sad, it has made for one GLORIOUS GIF.


‘The Great British Bake Off’ continues next Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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