18/08/2017 11:06 BST

Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood Admits There’s ‘More Drinking Going On’ Than In The BBC Days

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There may have been numerous reports about the new ‘Great British Bake Off’ team struggling to bond, but it sounds like that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Paul Hollywood, the only star to stick with the show following its move from the BBC to Channel 4, has revealed that the new team have actually been enjoying plenty of nights out together.

Channel 4
Things are apparently going swimmingly 
Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
Paul Hollywood 

‘Bake Off’ will be back on our screens later this month and the big reveal of its slot on the schedules was met with mixed responses from fans - and a particularly unimpressed reaction from the BBC.

The corporation was not impressed with Channel 4’s decision to move the show to a Tuesday night, which meant it would clash with their new show ‘Big Family Cookery Showdown’.

Announcing that they would therefore be moving their latest cookery programme to Wednesdays to avoid the clash, a spokesperson said: “Channel 4′s decision to move ‘Bake Off’ from its long-term traditional Wednesday slot will be a surprise to many viewers who may see this as a cynical move.

“We never intended for our new cookery show to clash with theirs. There is room for both and we don’t, in this instance, see any public value in two public service broadcasters going head-to-head in this way.”

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