Greg James Is A Radio 1 No-Show After Partying At Brit Awards

The breakfast show presenter missed the start of his 6.30am slot after Tuesday night's Brits.

Radio 1 DJ Greg James might have got a bit too carried away at Tuesday night’s Brit Awards it seems, as he has missed the following morning’s breakfast show.

The presenter was a no-show for this 6.30am slot on Wednesday after attending the awards, leaving early breakfast presenter Adele Roberts to extend her shift to cover him.

Greg had been photographed arriving at the Warner record label’s after-party with wife Bella Mackie, following the ceremony.

Greg James missed his Radio 1 breakfast show after Tuesday's Brits
Greg James missed his Radio 1 breakfast show after Tuesday's Brits
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And while he had been due on air nice and early the next morning, it seems he slept through his alarm.

After he failed to show for the start of his programme, Adele said: “Please don’t worry about Greg James. He is definitely safe and sound... He is just very much asleep.”

She was joined by fellow DJ Jordan North, who added: “He’s in a lot of trouble. It’s the biggest breakfast show in the world and he hasn’t turned up.”

Adele, whose show proceeds Greg’s, said: “To be fair he is usually punctual.

“This year though, it’s a no show. Do you think he’ll make it in? I have no idea what’s happening on the show.”

As they ploughed on without Greg, Adele later asked listeners when they had last seen him pop up on anyone’s Instagram.

She said: “The last I saw him was… you know Grace on Breakfast, he was on Grace’s Instagram Stories about midnight. I saw a flash of him with Yannis from Foals.

“If you do spot him, please do send him our way.”

Adele Roberts was left to cover for Greg
Adele Roberts was left to cover for Greg

Greg still hadn’t shown up for work by 9am, with Matt Edmondson, who’d joined Adele and Jordan in the studio, wondering if it was one of Greg’s stunts.

He has famously staged a number of Hide & Seeks since taking over the Radio 1 Breakfast Show from Nick Grimshaw in August 2018.

Matt said: “We all know Greg, and we know he’s not normally the type of person to sleep in.”

Greg’s wife Bella added to the speculation when she tweeted that Greg “didn’t come home last night” with some shoulder-shrugging emojis.

If it turns out this is another of his stunts, it will certainly be the most memorable yet.

Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James airs Monday to Thursday from 6.30-10am.

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