Greg James And Nick Grimshaw’s Giant Game Of Hide And Seek Ends After 23 Hours

A solid effort.

How long is the average game of hide and seek? 10 minutes? 20? 30 if you’re playing in particularly big house and garden?

Whatever it is, we’re sure Radio 1’s Greg James and Nick Grimshaw have exceeded it, with their mammoth 23 hour game.

After holing up in a secret location on Tuesday afternoon, the pair were finally found by listener, Faye, at around 2:40PM on Wednesday.

When they got chatting, it soon emerged that Faye had actually driven past the The Liver Building, Liverpool that the DJs were in on Wednesday morning.

Speaking live on the radio earlier in the day, Greg had teased listeners that, looking out of the window, he could see a blue car at the set of traffic lights.

Detailing the vehicles surrounding it, Greg took a chance and offered some clues, on the off chance that the person in the car was listening to Radio 1:

And when she finally busted them, Faye revealed that she was the driver:

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The action had people glued to their radios - and Twitter - all day as they joined Radio 1′s other DJs and Joe Lycett(!) on the hunt:

The duo previously explained that they pitched the game a long time ago and had finally convinced producers to let them do it.

Even the station’s other radio hosts had no idea what was going on, until Nick and Greg announced that they were in hiding, live on air on Tuesday.

Grimmy and Greg will swap radio shows later this year, when Nick takes over the drivetime show as Greg sets his alarm for the breakfast programme.


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