01/03/2018 15:24 GMT | Updated 01/03/2018 15:26 GMT

London Tube Station Could Be Renamed Grenfell In Tribute to Fire Victims, Sadiq Khan Says

'It’s important that we remember the awful fire, but also those fantastic residents who campaigned so hard'

Sadiq Khan has backed renaming the tube station nearest Grenfell Tower in London, in tribute to the 72 people who died there in a devastating blaze in June. 

Speaking on LBC radio, the Mayor of London said it would be a fitting tribute to change the name of Latimer Road to “Grenfell Station”.

Khan said: “I’ve agreed to make sure that we start consulting as soon as possible [...] It’s really important that we remember the awful fire, but also those fantastic residents who campaigned so hard since the fire to make sure that justice is done.”

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A view of the burnt-out Grenfell Tower from Latimer Road station, a month after the fire

“When I was speaking to the family members, what was clear to me was their passion and their keenness to have a fitting tribute.

The idea they had - and of course, we’ll consult others - is to rename the station Grenfell. It’s important we listen to local residents.”

Khan’s comments came as the secretary of state for housing, Sajid Javid, revealed that the site of the destroyed high-rise would be turned into a memorial to those who lost their lives.

A document of principles released by his office stated that the “voices of the bereaved would carry the most weight” in deciding what would replace the block when it is demolished later this year. 

“This public commitment is a demonstration of us being true to that word and I am pleased we have been able to agree a way forward,” Javid said.

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Sajid Javid: 'Only by first listening to the community can we begin to rebuild their trust'. 

What remains of the residential tower block is likely to be demolished at the end of 2018 once forensic teams have finished investigating.

Local organisations and activists welcomed the announcement. Shahin Sadafi, chair of the Grenfell United survivors’ group, said: “The future of Grenfell Tower site has been a major source of anxiety for the bereaved, survivors and local community not least because it is the final resting place of the loved ones we lost in the fire.

“We are pleased that eight months on from the fire we finally have agreement that the bereaved, survivors and community will be at the heart of deciding the legacy of the site.”

Sadafi added: “The Government and Kensington and Chelsea Council have treated this issue with dignity and respect.

“We can only hope the Government applies the same seriousness to our need for truth and justice at the Inquiry, this includes listening to our requests for changes to ensure a thorough Inquiry.

“Our door will always be open for genuine cooperation on substantive issues.”

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Members of the Grenfell Community Bellal Elguenuni (left) Shahin Sadafi (centre) and Natasha Ellcock at the 2017 Pride of Britain Awards. Sadafi said turning the tower into a memorial could be 'part of a healing process for everyone affected'.

This week it was announced that a woman who was injured in the blaze died in hospital, taking the total number of victims to 72.

Maria Del Pilar Burton, 74, died in late January from injuries she suffered in the blaze, her husband Nick Burton confirmed.