Guy Gets So Many Likes On His Engagement Photo He 'Proposes' To Six More People

Well played.

If you post an engagement photo on Facebook you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a lot of likes, as Zach Lamplugh recently found out.

On Monday he posted a photo announcing he was engaged and was soon inundated with likes and messages of congratulations.

But it seems the attention went to his head a little, because shortly afterwards he decided one engagement just wasn’t enough.

Lamplugh’s initial engagement photo got more than 450 likes, so later that day, he posted a second engagement photo with a different woman.

“I couldn’t believe the overwhelming support I received online for getting engaged,” he said.

“So many of you liked my post that I went ahead and got engaged a second time! Thank you everyone for all your encouragement.”

The second photo gained more than 300 likes with some people congratulating Lamplugh on his news, seemingly unaware that he’d posted another engagement photo earlier that day.

The commenters also failed to notice the women Lamplugh originally got engaged to was standing in the background of the photo, looking rather miserable.

Determined to take his engagements further, Lamplugh recreated the photo a further five times.

For those who hadn’t quite cottoned on, in a separate post Lamplugh revealed the photos were all part of an elaborate prank he was playing on friends.

It just goes to show, you can’t believe everything you see on social media.

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