Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Plan For Post-Goop Life — And It's A Major Change Of Pace

It isn’t entirely clear if the "Shakespeare in Love" actor and lifestyle guru meant her remarks to be taken seriously...
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow
Monica Schipper via Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow may be known globally as both an Oscar-winning actor and a lifestyle guru, but her days as a public figure may be numbered.

In an interview with Bustle published on Wednesday, the Shakespeare In Love star said she eventually plans to put her wellness company Goop up for sale, after which she’s likely to embrace a more quiet life.

“We’re not ready to sell yet. I need a few more years,” the 51-year-old said, noting that she’d “be happy” with the idea of retreating from the spotlight by her 55th birthday in 2027.

“I will literally disappear from public life,” she added. “No one will ever see me again.”

It isn’t entirely clear if Paltrow meant her remarks to be taken seriously. But those who’ve followed her professional trajectory in recent years may not find her sentiments altogether surprising.

Gwyneth Paltrow, left, and husband Brad Falchuk, right, at the 2019 premiere of The Politician.
Gwyneth Paltrow, left, and husband Brad Falchuk, right, at the 2019 premiere of The Politician.
ANGELA WEISS via Getty Images

Her last major role was on Netflix’s The Politician, which received mixed reviews. At the time of that show’s 2019 premiere, Paltrow said she’d only joined the cast after being persuaded by her husband, Brad Falchuk, who co-created the series with Ryan Murphy.

About a year later, she began hinting that she’d become disillusioned by fame― a process she indicated started decades ago, when her Hollywood career was still on the rise.

“Part of the shine of acting wore off, you know, being in such intense public scrutiny, being a kid who’s like living every breakup on every headline, like being criticised for everything you do, say and wear,” she told SiriusXM’s Bruce Bozzi in 2020.

She added: “I’m such a homebody. I like to be with my old friends and cook and squeeze my kids. I don’t want to be alone in a hotel room in Budapest for six weeks. It’s just not who I am.”

Paltrow reiterated that stance in her Bustle interview, noting that her biggest professional pleasures involve “creating, collaborating, being struck with new ideas, innovating, thinking ahead, strategy, vision, that kind of thing.”

“I could never get attracted to the really rich guy,” she added. “And I don’t make choices to build value in the wrong way. I’ve always done independent films. I don’t know. Money has never been my thing. It’s never been my driver.”


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