11 Things You Need To Tell Yourself When You Get The Hangover Fear This Weekend

Shame bell ringing loud.

It’s a bank holiday and that means only one thing - we have four nights to go out and do things we will seriously regret rather than the usual two.

It all seems like fun and games when you’re ordering your sixth round of tequila, but waking up in the morning, you will inevitably be struck by The Fear. It’s also not just something imagined by your hungover brain; scientists have shown that alcohol sets off this delightful state of mind.

So remember these 11 things when it strikes over the weekend.

1. Your imagination is not your friend right now.

2. You were not as drunk as you think you were.

3. Everyone else was really drunk too.

4. At least you woke up in your own bed.

5. Definitely don’t check your sent messages.

6. At least you stopped using Snapchat before you peaked.

7. And you only tried to call your ex once.

8. There’s always someone who did something worse.

9. It was travel sickness, not Prosecco, that made you throw up in the Uber.

10. Carbohydrates and junk food will not judge you in your hour of need.

11. You are a glittery phoenix and will survive this.