This Little Boy Fishing Is The Happiest Child You've Ever Seen

Can we take him home?

Stop the search, we’ve officially found the world’s happiest child.

Now while there is nothing quite like the sound of your own child laughing, we think this little boy wins first prize for the happiest face we have ever seen.

The toddler is out fishing with his dad and his sister, and has made quite a fact it is as big as his leg.

Instead of helping him out, the dad takes a step back and lets him handle it all by himself, with his adorable plastic fishing rod.

The video was shared to Imgur, with the caption: “Could you find a happier little boy/family?”

Commenters were quick to support the dad for his approach to helping out his son, Maybeme said: “That’s a good dad. He made sure he was safe and he let the boy catch the fish by himself.”

Another said: “Kids don’t get like that without awesome parents. Faith in humanity comes from seeing things like this,” says AmazonGrace.

And emailad agreed: “Moments like that are priceless.”

Can we take him home?