Harry Dunn: How His Parents Reached A Settlement With His Alleged Killer

Suspect Anne Sacoolas agreed to a resolution with Dunn's family in the civil case.
Harry Dunn
Harry Dunn

Harry Dunn’s parents have reached a resolution in the civil case with his alleged killer, according to their spokesperson on Tuesday, more than two years after his death.

Dunn’s death in Northamptonshire became an international issue once it emerged US suspect Anne Sacoolas was able to leave the country under diplomatic protection.

The Dunns’ spokesperson Radd Seiger said the bereaved family has now “successfully” reached an agreement with Sacoolas, and so would “put this part of the campaign behind them”.

How did the agreement come about?

Sacoolas was charged with causing his death by dangerous driving. As part of the damages claim, she was expected to give evidence under oath in August, until there was a last minute change and it was postponed.

The damages claim was expected to bring up a series of unheard material against Sacoolas and her husband Jonathan Sacoolas, including their roles within the US state departments.

A district court in Virginia was told both of the Sacoolas’ careers in the US intelligence sector played a part in their departure from the UK – they allegedly left for “security reasons”.

Why is this particular agreement key?

The Dunns’ spokesperson said the resolution means the grieving parents, Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, can now prioritise the criminal case as the agreement marks the end of the civil case.

Sieger told PA: “It has come as some considerable relief to them that a resolution to the civil claim has now been reached successfully between the parties and they can put this part of the campaign behind them.

“It is never easy mounting a legal battle for justice abroad, let alone in the USA, but the family’s courage and determination to see this through has been incredible.”

He pointed out that the Dunns had been supported by former foreign secretary Dominic Raab and his officials.

However, the details of the resolution have not been revealed.

Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, the mother and father of Harry Dunn
Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, the mother and father of Harry Dunn
Jacob King - PA Images via Getty Images

Why was the case so controversial in the first place?

Dunn was just 19 when he was killed outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire in a road crash on August 27, 2019.

Sacoolas then prompted national backlash as she used diplomatic immunity – asserted on her behalf by the States – to leave the UK.

Seiger also touched on the controversy behind the case on Tuesday as he said: “We have been made aware that the US government made no secret of their displeasure at the British government’s backing of Harry’s family in bringing the claim.”

Does this mean the case is over?

While this concludes the civil case, the criminal case is separate and ongoing.

Seiger added: “There will also need to be a parliamentary inquiry into this scandal in due course.”


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