19/04/2017 14:59 BST

Harry Styles Faces Plagiarism Accusations Over New Song 'Ever Since New York'


Harry Styles is facing accusations of ripping off a ‘70s band on one of his solo songs. 

Music fans have claimed the former One Direction star’s new track ‘Ever Since New York’ bears more than a passing resemblance to Badfinger’s 1971 hit ‘Baby Blue’. 

NBC via Getty Images
Harry Styles debuted new track ‘Ever Since New York’ on 'Saturday Night Live'

Harry debuted his song during an appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ over the weekend, which caused some chatter on Twitter. 

Specifically, some pointed out a specific guitar riff that they claim sounds the same as one in ‘Baby Blue’:

Badfinger’s ‘Baby Blue’ was also used during the final scene of ‘Breaking Bad’ in 2013, spiking interest in it again, after its original 1971 release. 

HuffPost UK has contacted a spokesperson for Harry for comment. 

Harry isn’t the first artist to face copying accusations, as last week $20 million (£16 million) copyright infringement court case made against Ed Sheeranreached a settlement

Songwriters Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington had filed a lawsuit against Ed, claiming his song ‘Photograph’ directly copied former ‘X Factor’ winner Matt Cardle’s track, ‘Amazing’.

Last month, several co-writers of the TLC hit ‘No Scrubs’ were added also to the credits of Ed’s chart-topping single, ‘Shape Of You’, after fans pointed out similarities between the two songs. 

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