Harry Styles Cut His Hair Off For Charity, Here Are The Funniest Reactions

The One Direction star donated his locks to charity.

Harry Styles caused an outcry among One Direction fans when he announced plans to cut off his famous locks (seriously, there are whole fan pages dedicated to his man bun).

While it's a loss of some sorts, the reason behind Styles' haircut more than makes up for the lack of flowing mane - Styles wanted to donate his hair to charity.

And on Friday 6 May, it finally happened.

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RIP man bun.

"Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust," the pop star captioned the above snap, showing the ponytail he was donating to make wigs for children suffering from cancer.

As expected, some Directioners went into meltdown. Some were quick to praise Styles' altruistic nature, others clamoured to see his new 'do, and the rest just literally couldn't even.

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And our personal favourite? The person who fooled the internet into thinking his Snapchat face swap with a picture of Styles was the real deal. Bravo.

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