Harry Styles Finally Reveals His New Short Hair

This is not a drill, people.

Harry Styles has been snapped with his new haircut. It's official - the flowing mane is no more.

One Directioners have been waiting with bated breath to see his new short 'do, but so far Styles has kept it under wraps.

Until now...

Styles was spotted by eagle-eyed fans on set of his new movie, Christopher Nolan's World War 2 thriller 'Dunkirk', and the picture was shared on Twitter by Australian DJ Angus O'Loughlin with the caption: "There it is ladies and gentleman, the moment the internet broke."

The pop star caused an outcry among fans when he first announced plans to cut off his famous locks (seriously, there are whole fan pages dedicated to his man bun).

While it’s a loss of some sorts, the reason behind Styles’ haircut more than makes up for the lack of flowing mane - Styles wanted to donate his hair to charity.

He has donated his hair to the Little Princess Trust, an charitable organisation making wigs from real hair for children suffering from cancer.

A photo posted by @harrystyles on

RIP man bun (but at least it's for a good cause).

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