Teenage Boy Gets A Heartwarming Surprise After Buying His Teacher A Present

One good deed deserves another.

A teenage boy who went viral after buying his school teacher a pair of shoes, has been awarded with his own gift from Nike.

Hector Montez from Texas, bought his sports teacher Thomas Walser a pair of Nike Air Jordans after the coach admitted he had wanted a pair of the trainers since he was 12 years old.

Montez, who was filmed by a friend handing over the present in class, said: “It’s good to give back to the man who’s always been by my side.”

“This is for you sir, you’re always keeping it real with me. You told me in sophomore year this was your favourite shoe, and I bet you don’t even remember,” said Montez.

Walser was overwhelmed with emotion, saying: “That is awesome, man I might cry. I’m going to put them on right now.”

And clearly it wasn’t only us that felt inspired by Montez’s kind gesture as several days later, the sports company sent him a package of his own.

Unwrapping the box, Montez found a pair of red Air Jordans and a handwritten note from Nike that said: “Your teacher inspired you. You inspired us. Continue to be the change you want to see.”

You guys.