Heinz Launches Ketchup And Mayo Ice Cream – And We Tried Them

Come on. whatever happened to good old-fashioned vanilla and chocolate?

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As if 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, Heinz has launched a ketchup-flavoured ice cream, of sorts. Yep, the rumours are true – but it’s not as simple as going to the shop and picking up a ready-made tub.

In celebration of National Ice Cream Month, Heinz – best known for its condiments, beans and soups – has created limited-edition DIY ice cream kits called ‘Heinz Creamz’.

Heinz Creamz
Jonathan Kennedy
Heinz Creamz

For 15 quid, you can buy a set that includes: the sauce of your choice, a recipe card, an engraved golden scoop and golden spoon, plus a reusable ice cream tub. Here’s the catch: you have to make the actual ice cream bit yourself.

Heinz says it’s an “easy-to-make home recipe” with four ingredients – taking 15 minutes to make, before freezing. Don’t fret vegans and those who are lactose intolerant, it’s also developed a recipe for a refreshing ketchup sorbet, too.

I managed to bypass the DIY bit and try some ready-made sauce-flavoured ice cream to give you my verdict.

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I dig into the sorbet version of ‘Ketchup Creamz’ first – the acidity and sweetness of the tomatoes are overpowering. To be honest, it’s difficult to get the image of eating frozen ketchup out my mind as I eat it. I have one small spoonful and I’m done.

Safe to say, I’m not a fan of this as a sweet dessert, but it could be worth trying in a Bloody Mary cocktail instead of ice cubes. I’d give a pretty low 2/10.

For the ‘Mayo Creamz’, Heinz recommends “to top with apple and blackberry compote and layer of crumble to create an indulgent treat.” Sadly, I don’t have such delicious toppings to hand, so I go in without.

Texturally, the first bit lulls me into a false sense of delicious, creamy gelato. Afterwards, though, I’m hit with a taste of mayonnaise that becomes sickly – hints of vinegar, oil, and lemon come through and it gets a bit much.

It’s a bit... odd. But I’d give it a 5/10.

Heinz Mayo ice cream with apple and blackberry compote and crumble
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Heinz Mayo ice cream with apple and blackberry compote and crumble

I thankfully sadly wasn’t able to try the other flavours – BBQ and salad cream – but if you do, I’d love to hear what they’re like.

Speaking in more detail about the unusual flavours, David Chalbert, at Heinz Sauces, said: “This summer is looking different for many of us, and while we might be staycationing or staying at home more than in other years, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joys of a good ice cream.

“We know it might seem like a bit of a crazy combo to some – but with Heinz always at the forefront of innovation, anything is possible.”

I scream, you scream, Heinz made an ice cream nobody asked for. But if you’re looking to try unconventional flavours, this is for you. Otherwise, maybe stick to ketchup as a condiment?