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Helen Wood Injunction: 'Big Brother' Star Says She Regrets Comments Made About Actor During 'This Morning' Interview

'It’s shameful that I’ve said those things about him.'

Helen Wood has admitted her regret over detailing an encounter she had with an A-list actor while she was working as an escort.

The former ‘Big Brother’ winner is back in the spotlight after a US magazine named the star.

The man's identity had been protected by an injunction in the UK, which he obtained after he allegedly paid her for sex six years ago.

Helen later made a series of personal comments about him and their rendezvous in the press - something she admits she's now ashamed of during an interview on Friday's ‘This Morning’.

Helen Wood appeared on 'This Morning' to discuss the injunction

Speaking to hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, she blamed bad advise she was given by those around her.

“I massively regret the comments I made in a backhanded interview I did years ago,” she said. “I was prompted to do certain things.

“I shouldn’t have done that, it’s shameful that I’ve said those things about him.”

Helen, who was previously at the centre of another sex scandal involving Wayne Rooney, also claimed that the injunction had caused “more damage than good”, she added: “If we can’t talk about him, why can we talk about me?”

However, Helen - who claimed she had no idea who the actor was when he paid her for sex - admitted she understood why he had taken out the gagging order.

“I get why he’s done it, he’s a bit spooked that I’d sell a story, but I wouldn’t have done that,” she said.

“I actually got upset because now I’m a bit older - I have a 12 year old - I know he has children, I feel bad if they know about this.”

Doug Peters/Doug Peters
Helen won the 2014 series of 'Big Brother' and also returned as a guest in 2015

Revealing she had told her son about the story yesterday, Helen stated it was “not the best moment of my life”.

“Surprisingly, I said some people may say nasty things about me, and he just said: ‘I’m not bothered anyway. I’ll just say it was my mum, not me,’” she explained.

“He reacted a lot differently to how I thought. He’s very laid back.”

British media are still gagged from revealing the star’s identity, even though the ‘family man’ actor was named by US media on Thursday, and on social media.

The law is so strict that the name of the US publication that has revealed the actor’s identity, is not allowed to be published.

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