13 & Other Stories Summer Sale Pieces We'd Actually Buy

Starting from just £9.

Shopping the summer sales can sometimes feel like rooting through a jumble sale – you’ve no idea if there is anything good in there or whether your size will be available. Often we stumble out in a daze and an empty basket.

But the & Other Stories sale has truly delivered, offering a mix of summer dresses, midi skirts, statement shirts and chic accessories.

I asked members of the HuffPost team to pick one item from the sale they’d spend their hard-earned cash on – and explain why they love it. Here are our choices.

Striped Tee, £12 (was £23)

Chosen by Brogan Driscoll, Editor of HuffPost Finds

“If there’s one thing I probably don’t need any more of it’s striped t-shirts – but at only £12, it’s hard to resist. I wear them all the time (including to work) so I don’t ever feel too guilty about buying them.

“I’ve already got this top in light blue and white stripes with a navy blue collar, but I love the contrast orange colour against the fuchsia pink and white stripes. I’d wear this tucked into light denim jeans or a midi skirt with my gold Superga trainers.”

Chosen by Amy Packham, Assistant Life Editor

“I love midi skirts. They’re breezy in the summer and acceptable to wear to work when it’s hot, but they can also be paired tights and boots when the weather turns (like, um, now).

“I love the pattern on this skirt. The fact that it’s covered in coffee beans isn’t obvious at first glance, they look more like polka dots – so it’s subtle but different. Also: it has pockets, enough said.”

Ruffle Wrap Maxi Skirt, £46 (was £65)

Chosen by Sophie Gallagher, Life Reporter

“Please don’t tell my boyfriend I’m buying another polka dot skirt (navy is my colour okay?!).

“I’ve been lusting after a new skirt for months – long enough to wear to work but also good for lying in the park at the weekend. This one will be perfect with white trainers and a white t-shirt. And a denim jacket when the weather isn’t playing ball (ie. all the time).”

Silk Shirt, £47 (was £79)

Chosen by Jess Brammar, Executive Editor

“These patterned silk shirts from & Other Stories have been a staple in my work wardrobe for years – grown-up enough to look sophisticated, but quirky enough to still have fun with your office outfits. Life is too short for boring clothing.

“I own three, and I bought them all in the sales over the years. They are easy to wear with smart black trousers or jeans, and work well underneath pinafore dresses or even dungarees. They’re also long enough to feel comfortable if you are a bit self-conscious about your mid-section. I love the print on this one, with just a hint of neon to liven up the monochrome.”

Chosen by Isabel Togoh, News Reporter

“This is a timeless, elegant silhouette and looks more expensive than it is. I also think I might be able to get good value out of it by styling it differently across the summer and autumn months, for example layering it over some jeans, or loose-fitting linen trousers. It’s also suitable to wear to a range of different occasions, from weddings to on holiday.”

Tassel Leather Sandal, £39 (was £65)

Chosen by Vicky Frost, Head of Life

“These sandals are a little bit the equivalent of a decent pair of school shoes: proper leather with a lovely shine, they’ll see you through the whole summer.

“The shape is strong – good with both an ankle-grazing trouser and a skirt, which is important – and the tassel brings a bit of joy to a shoe otherwise pretty sombre for summer. The opposite of a frivolous sale buy.”

Hanging Acrylic Earrings, £9 (was £17)

Chosen by Nancy Groves, Life Editor

“Statement earrings often come in statement brights, but I’m usually on the look out for a subtle touch that works right across my holiday wardrobe. And what could be more summery than this gold and yellow acrylic pair.

“I’ll pair with a simple black shift dress or a white tee and denim shorts – like sunshine and honey dripping from my ears. Only less sticky.”

Buy it now.

Chosen by Natasha Hinde, Life Reporter

“Being 5ft can be tough when it comes to clothes shopping – especially at & Other Stories which, in my opinion, designs for giants. So imagine my surprise when I came across this cheeky number in the sale?

“This mustard number is transitional in that I’d happily wear it from now right through until mid-autumn. The length seems great for those with shorter legs (it will probably be more like a maxi dress) and I’m really enjoying the puffy sleeve and tie belt. At £47 it’s not exactly a bargain but the quality will probably outshine most of my other clothes so it’s an investment I’m willing to make.”

Straight Fit Silk Shirt, £47 (was £79)

Chosen by Sara Spary, Life Reporter

“I love a patterned shirt. You can just grab it straight from your wardrobe and whack it on with a pair of black jeans and boots for an instant casual work look - which takes minimal effort.

“I’ve bought a few from & Other Stories in the past – and I particularly like the lightweight shirts like this one. I’ll admit that I prefer to buy them in the sale though – because otherwise I find them to be on the pricey side. For £47 this isn’t exactly cheap, but it is made of Mulberry silk, which is a bit fancy.”

Flowy Wrap Midi Dress, £35 (was £69)

Chosen by Becky Barnes, Distribution Editor

“I Iove the colour and I always find wrap dresses are flattering for my figure. This is one of those classic dresses that you can rock with bare legs and a sandal in sunny weather, and then ‘winter-it-up’ with tights, boots and a jumper when it gets colder.”

Floral Print Midi Skirt, £41 (was £69)

Chosen by Rachel Moss, Life Reporter

“I practically live in midi skirts from May until October each year, so I’m getting a little bored of my well-worn collection. This versatile skirt could be the piece to freshen things up. I can instantly imagine pairing it with a white tee and pumps during the day, or a cami and strappy sandals at night.”

Chosen by Jess Pitocchi, Deputy Distribution Editor

“I love the fit of this dress – it looks like it would be very comfortable and skim over all the right places. I’m also a big fan of the floaty sleeves which, along with the dusky colour of the dress, make it not overly summery. The belt jazzes it up perfectly and it could be dressed up or down for day or night.”

Leopard Midi Wrap Dress, £45 (was £75)

Chosen by Nicola Slawson, News Reporter

“This sale has come at the right time for me as my friend’s festival-themed wedding is a month away and I still haven’t got anything to wear. It’s no surprise this dress caught my eye given my leopard print obsession, but it’s also a wrap dress, which means it should be flattering for me and my curves.

“What actually swung it for me was the Instagram picture of someone wearing the dress. In that shot, you can see that it’s slit high, and sexier than I thought. Given I’m going to the wedding as a single gal, this is only a bonus.”

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