Mischievous Dad Strikes Again By Mocking Photo Of Daughter And Boyfriend

He's back for more.

Chris Martin is the ultimate wind-up merchant.

When he spotted a photo of his daughter Cassie and her boyfriend Brendan canoodling on social media recently, he couldn’t leave it alone.

Within a matter of hours, Chris had posted a hilarious photo of himself dressed as his daughter, while being spooned by a big cartoon man with fuzzy hair.

It’s not the first time Chris has taken the Mick out of his offspring.

Earlier this month, Cassie posted a selfie on Snapchat using a filter that placed foliage in her hair.

Her dad Chris, being the hilarious soul that he is, decided to do his own version - complete with leafy branches from the garden and a drawn on tattoo.

Here’s another one of his hilarious creations, where he’s sporting a cropped t-shirt and tight, jazzy trousers with another incredibly hand-drawn tattoo.

Watch this space.