See The History Of The Bra In One Amazing Infographic

We bet you never knew these bra facts.

Bras have always been more than just a scrap of fabric: like the changing fashions of each period, they’ve represented body ideals and trends over the years.

As the brassiere has evolved over time, it’s become completely interwoven with history, standing as a symbol of freedom, oppression and opportunity.

Nowadays, a bra is no longer something you use just to change your shape or hide underneath your clothing – you can even wear one out instead of a vest top (like it or not, bralettes are a thing).

And with smart technology, your bra can now be a key part of your workout, keeping you cool as you’re working out.

And to think, the bra as we know it wouldn’t even exist if not for a metal shortage in WWI which banished the corset from women’s wardrobes...

Huffington Post UK
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