05/07/2017 13:36 BST

Holly Willoughby Totally Freaks Out As Flying Bird Runs Amok On 'This Morning'

Russell Crow (not that one) caused mayhem when he appeared in the studio.

Holly Willoughby had only just recovered from a pony pooing in the ‘This Morning’ studio, when she was faced with another unpredictable creature on Wednesday’s (5 July) show. 

The presenter was terrorised by a black rook called Russell Crow when she and co-host Phillip Schofield met a woman who had taken the bird under her wing (so to speak) and was letting him live with her. 

Holly Willoughby was terrorised by a bird on 'This Morning'

But as the rook appeared on set, it immediately began misbehaving by flying around as Holly and Phil attempted to present a link. 

This left Holly shrieking and using Phil as a human shield to protect herself.

She didn’t fare much better when they eventually sat down to interview Russell’s owner, Helen Motteram, and her husband Tristan, either. 

Holly was really not a fan of the rook, called Russell Crow

Getting spooked by being sat so close to him, Holly jumped into Phil, who joked about the previous day’s incident involving Monet the pony’s little accident.

“[Holly] said, ‘If that bird flies at me, I’m going to do a Monet’,” he laughed. 

But while Holly managed not to disgrace herself, the same could not be said for Russell, who followed in Monet’s footsteps by pooing on the ‘This Morning’ sofa. 

Russell also took a poo on the sofa

Watch the full interview with Russell the rook in the video below.

‘This Morning’ airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV. 

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