26/01/2017 17:37 GMT | Updated 26/01/2017 17:43 GMT

James Martin Is Not Impressed As Holly Willoughby Gags On His 'This Morning' Cooking

She was so hungover, she couldn't even eat.

We all know what it’s like when you’re hungover and can’t face eating anything, so spare a thought for Holly Willoughby then, who left James Martin thoroughly unimpressed when she gagged on his cooking on Thursday’s (26 January) ‘This Morning’.

The presenter was feeling a little rough round the edges after a night of partying to celebrate the show’s win at the National Television Awards, and as James joined her and her equally worse-for-wear co-host Phillip Schofield in the kitchen, it all became too much for her. 


As the chef served up a delicious-looking crème brûlée, Holly said: “I haven’t done breakfast yet, so this could go one of two ways.”

Reluctantly putting the spoon in her mouth, she quickly gagged, not being able to stomach it. 

“It’s really lovely...” she said unconvincingly, as she struggled to swallow. “I haven’t got anything to wash it down with.

“It is lovely, it’s really, really lovely,” she insisted, “it’s just I’m not in a good place for this today.”


James was so outraged, he jokingly walked off set, saying: “23 years on television doing cookery and this is the very first time it has happened.”

“No, no, no, it’s nothing on your cookery at all,” Holly assured him. “It is lovely.”

Holly and Phil had been out partying until 3.30am this morning, after the show won Best Live Magazine Show at Wednesday evening’s NTAs. 


Unlike last year, when their antics on the next day’s show made headline news, they had arrived to work in fresh clothes, but it soon became clear they weren’t feeling great. 

“We have made it in today. Well, we’ve made it in, not in a brilliant condition, if we’re truly honest… but at least we’re not wearing the same clothes!” Phillip said. 

“There’s a lot of heavy breathing going on,” Holly joked.

‘This Morning’ airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV. 

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