28/04/2017 10:36 BST | Updated 28/04/2017 10:49 BST

Holly Willoughby Reveals She Was Mistaken For Sex Worker During Drunken Night Out With Fearne Cotton


Holly Willoughby may be one of the most recognisable faces on the box, but that didn’t stop someone once confusing her for a sex worker.

The ‘This Morning’ presenter admitted she was once the victim of a case of mistaken identity during a boozy night out with pal Fearne Cotton.

Holly Willoughby made an embarrassing admission on 'Celebrity Juice'

Holly made the admission during Thursday (27 April) night’s episode of ‘Celebrity Juice’, when she and Fearne were asked to recall the funniest thing Holly has done when she’s been drunk.

“I mean, there’s tonnes,” she laughed, before writing her answer down on a and whiteboard.

“My one I’m revealing was with Fearne in LA and I was very, very drunk,” she said. 

“You’re gonna do that one?!” a shocked Fearne asked. 

Ploughing ahead with her tale, Holly revealed: “I got in a lift and the man in the lift thought I was a prostitute.”

Fearne Cotton loved telling the story about her pal

Interrupting, Fearne went on: “And then he got in and sort of propositioned Holly and she - this is what Holly does when she’s drunk - went ‘fuck you’, and pushed him out the lift!”

“I was very drunk,” Holly insisted. 

During the same episode, Holly and Fearne took on a rather raunchy game involving bananas. 

Rather than us explaining, it’s probably best if you just watch the video below...

‘Celebrity Juice’ continues next Thursday at 10pm on ITV2.

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