Holly Willoughby Has Already Potty Trained Her One-Year-Old Son Chester

'We are a nappy-free zone (except for at night).'

Holly Willoughby has revealed her one-year-old son is already potty trained.

Speaking on ‘This Morning’, Willoughby revealed her house is now a “nappy-free zone after Chester decided he “didn’t want to be a baby any more” as he wants to be a big kid like his siblings Harry, seven, and Belle, five.

“He just kept pulling his own nappy off. So I thought right, well I’ll get you a potty, but you’re a one-year-old boy I’m not sure this is going to work,” she said on Monday 5 September.

“For about two weeks in the house he would have no clothes on and he would just go off and do a wee and he was doing it and he was fine,” Willoughby continued.

“Then on Monday I thought right I’m going to take you out for the first time.

“I had one of those portable potties, we had the tailgate down on the car, he was having a wee on the back of the car, it was all fine and anyway he’s done it.

“We are a nappy-free zone except for at night.”

Chester turns two later this month.

Willoughby recently came under fire for sharing a photo of her daughter’s shoes on Instagram.

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