Holly Willoughby Makes A Hilarious Slip-Up Trying To Say 'Welly Wanging' On 'This Morning'

The presenter could have just topped the 'dunking beef' clip.

Holly Willoughby will probably go down in TV history after her latest gaffe on ‘This Morning’.

The presenter got rather tongue-tied while speaking about the sport of welly wanging on Thursday’s (27 October) show, and made a properly hilarious, blunder that’s nearly as good as the show’s infamous ‘dunking beef’ incident.

It happened after they aired a ‘Throwback Thursday’ clip, reminding viewers of the time Holly broke a prop while throwing a welly across the studio.

<strong>Holly Willoughby had some trouble saying 'welly wanging'</strong>
Holly Willoughby had some trouble saying 'welly wanging'

As co-host Ben Shephard asked her if she’d ever done anything similar since, she proclaimed: “Funnily enough I’ve never Willy Wanged since then.”

The pair then doubled over at Holly’s slip-up, before Ben joked: “I, however, haven’t stopped!”

Funnily enough, Ben had even warned Holly about the tongue-twister before they presented the item.

He revealed to viewers: “I’ve got a nephew called Will, and as we were talking about this earlier, I said after that Sam, Jack and I went welly wanging with Will and Will was welly wanging, and said, ‘Don’t make that mistake, Holly!’”

We have a feeling we’ll be seeing this clip on TV outtakes shows for years and years to come.

<strong>The pair were creased up at Holly's gaffe</strong>
The pair were creased up at Holly's gaffe

Ben has been standing in for Holly’s regular co-host Phillip Schofield on the ITV daytime show this week, while he takes his annual half-term break.

He and Holly also had viewers laughing on Tuesday, when Ben accused her of ‘trumping’ live on air.

This Morning’ airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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