X Factor's Honey G To SING For The First Time During 'Fright Night'

Her 'Fright Night' performance will be out of this world.

‘X Factor’ viewers will get to see a different side to Honey G this weekend, as she’s set to sing for the first time during Saturday’s (29 October) love show.

So far, Honey G has only shown off her knack for rapping in her performances, and while it’s fair to say that’s had mixed reviews, she’s sailed through the first three weeks of live shows without landing in the bottom two.

And as ‘Fright Night’ looms, it seems Honey G is keen to show the public something new, as she’ll be singing for the first time.

Honey G
Honey G
Luca Teuchmann via Getty Images

The show’s choreographer Brian Friedman has revealed to ‘Good Morning Britain’ that this week, she’ll be tackling Will Smith’s ‘Men In Black’, taken from the soundtrack to the film of the same name.

He revealed: “I do believe she is going to do some of these [singing] parts [in the chorus].”

Brian Friedman
Brian Friedman
Ken McKayRexShutterstockITV

However, Brian admitted that her vocals could well put the “fright” in ‘Fright Night’, as he added: “When I had rehearsal with her it was a little shaky. The first turn we did before I taught her any choreography, I just watched her do the song and she got all the lyrics down and it was great.

“Once I started giving her some of the staging and steps, it all went out the window. So it could be good, it could be bad.”

The fact this week’s live show will have a ‘Fright Night’ theme has not gone down well with some ‘X Factor’ viewers, who cried “fix” when the supposedly random Jukebox selected the theme for the week before Halloween.

As of yet, it’s not known what the rest of the contestants will be performing, while ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ will be having a Halloween-themed evening of its own over on BBC One.


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