'X Factor' Contestant Honey G Says She Finds Marijuana 'Liberating'

She was previously addicted to ecstasy, cocaine and magic mushrooms.

‘X Factor’ rapper Honey G has waded into a fresh controversy, away from the stage.

Following her admission in yesterday’s Sun that she had previously been addicted to Class-A drugs during her time at college, the rapper - real name Anna Georgette Gilford - has added that she would have no objection to making marijuana legal.

The controversial contestant, who got a standing ovation on last night’s show for her rendition of the Bee Gees’ ‘Stayin’ Alive’, told the Mirror that “she finds it liberating”.

<strong>Honey G has waded into fresh controversy, saying she has no objection to marijuana being legalised</strong>
Honey G has waded into fresh controversy, saying she has no objection to marijuana being legalised

Cannabis is categorised as a Class B drug in the UK, with many calling for it to be made legal, as it is in places including Holland and, as of last week, California.

Honey G says it is the one drug she still occasionally takes, following her previous addiction to ecstasy, cocaine and magic mushrooms, that she detailed in an interview with the Sun.

She added in her chat with the Mirror that she knew it could be “a terrible depressant”, and she again made it clear that she hadn’t taken any drugs during her time in the X Factor house with other contestants.

Some ‘X Factor’ fans took to social media to claim she should be dropped from the show following these revelations, however, Honey G said in her interview with the Sun she believes it “makes her real”.

On screen, she continues to divide fans of the show. Apart from those who think she is making a mockery of the competition, there are those clamouring for her to win, including rapper Snoop Dogg, who has promised to perform with her if she makes it as far as the final.

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