Hotel Staff Reveal The Gross And Infuriating Things Guests Do

Beware of the mini-bar beer.

Next time you’re staying in a hotel, spare a little thought for the hardworking members of staff who have to put up with a lot of BS.

On Reddit, people who work in hotels have been sharing the most annoying things guests do.

From the gross to the downright rude, here’s what your fellow guests are up to.

bgton via Getty Images

“When guests put used, untied condoms in the toilet, under pillows, under the bed, on the tea and coffee tray...basically anywhere.”

- yushoi

“Regular guests that would interrupt you when dealing with other customers like they are more important.”

- JamboChuckie

“We had guests who opened the mini-bar fridge, drank the beer, pissed in the empty bottle, screwed/put the cap back on and went on their merry ways. Next client (old gentleman with his daughter) took a swill of piss that day.”

- MistahZig

“I worked in hotels years ago and the amount of people who order room service and answer the door scantily clad is astonishing. It’s your room guy, if you want to lie around with your balls out that’s totally fine, just please, we give you a robe, throw it on before opening the door.”

- rumhaaaaaaaam_

“Working front desk right now, I have no luggage carts because people bring them in their rooms and keep them overnight. Some people keep them for their whole stay over multiple days.”

- Alfalpha15

“A lot of guests just assume we know who they are. How am I supposed to know by face/name all 300 rooms when I’m a bartender and seeing you for the first time? Also the amount of people on checkout that try deny all room charges despite us having their signature on each one.”

- jointkicker

“I worked at two different hotels and the amount of guests who don’t flush the toilet has always astonished and baffled me. Do people think that flushing is so arduous that if they’re on vacation they’re taking a break from it? How is flushing a toilet not a reflex?”

- Jilltro

“Honestly it’s when the locals boast about knowing the owner. You already got a big discount. Stop asking for everything free you think you deserve.”

- Vyperprogram

“Guests asking me if I spoke English, at a hotel in England. Now this one might sound fair enough, because I had one or two polish co-workers (who spoke better English than me to be honest), but it was mostly international guests who would just barge in to a room I was cleaning, not even say ‘hello’ or ‘excuse me’, just start the conversation with ‘do you speak English’.

- smidgit

“Don’t ask me how much I make. Don’t ask me if my work is seasonal. Don’t ask me anything that is not related to your stay and general comfort.”


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