Amy Schumer Demonstrates How To Put On Socks While Pregnant – And It's Brilliant

It's harder than you think. Much harder.

Anyone who’s been heavily pregnant will know the struggle to put socks on is real. Ditto: shoes with laces – or anything but a pair of slip-on sandals.

Luckily, Amy Schumer has a few tricks up her sleeve, and she’s shared how she manages the simple act of getting dressed in the morning in a hilarious Instagram post.

In the tongue-in-cheek video, the Trainwreck star can be seen sitting on the edge of a bed, introducing the concept of how “easy” it is to put on a pair of socks while navigating around a baby bump.

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Schumer starts with her left foot, describing “a little discomfort but not really a problem”. But then she moves on to her right foot... which is another challenge altogether.

“You put your toe in, and then you try it from behind, and you hook your toe in... you just kind of slowly will the sock up your foot,” she says. And she finishes, triumphant: “And that’s pregnant.”

The actress and comedian, 37, has taken a typically no-holds-barred approach to pregnancy – including sharing details of the severe morning sickness she’s experienced. She’s even posted videos on Instagram of herself running across a park stark naked, chasing ducks.

In her Netflix stand-up special, Growing, Schumer – who said the experience of having hyperemesis gravidarum made her feel like she had food poisoning every day – tells some other hard truths about having a baby.

“If you’re someone who had a good pregnancy, if you enjoyed being pregnant, I hope your car flips over,” she jokes. “That’s what I wish for you.”

Schumer is expecting her first child with her husband, chef Chris Fischer. The couple recently revealed his autism diagnosis.