How Does Labour Conference Still Have An All-Male Panel Problem?


Labour’s conference timetable bristles with events on diversity and gender issues. So why hasn’t it got to grips with perhaps the most easily resolved gender issue of all: hosting all-male panels at its party conference?

As Twitter users pointed out, housing fringes were particularly bad for this:

Welsh night allegedly had the same problem:

Transport hasn’t been too diverse either: Sunday’s Action for Rail event had five male speakers to one female. Business receptions have been overwhelmingly male too.

And Monday actually had three all-male fringes running at the same time: an IPPR event - “Where Next For Britain And Europe” - stocked with six male panellists; a Policy Exchange one on “Smart Power”, with three; and a TUC discussion on devolution, with four. (The devolution one also had a female chair, but everyone knows this is a cop out).

This happens every year.