How High Is Too High Cut? This £40 Topshop Swimsuit, That's What

“What the everlasting f*** is this?”

High cut swimwear is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going under any time soon. Look in any high street shop and you’ll find most of bikini bottoms and swimsuits that ride up questionably high and cut into all the wrong places. The waxing industry must be booming is all I’ll say.

Topshop however, took it upon itself to outdo everyone with a strapless tropical print swimsuit that quite frankly, defies gravity.

For £40 you can buy what’s essentially half a swimsuit. While we love a vibrant print, it’s difficult to see how much swimming you’ll actually be able to do, let alone splashing about in the sea. One big wave and you could end up accidentally exposing yourself. And don’t even get me started on the tan lines.

The high leg design has boomed in popularity thanks to shows such as Love Island, where we might add, the contestants make very little use of the pristine swimming pool. The show has been blamed (along with Instagram) for new products such as Pretty Little Thing’s poolside posing only bikini. *Groans.*

Twitter users were just as confused as we were when they saw the Topshop swimsuit and weren’t shy about sharing their reaction. Journalist Eleanor Turney asked: “What the everlasting f*** is this?”

Others queried whether it was a deliberate design or if it had accidentally been worn the wrong way.

One pointed out how impossible it would be to eat while wearing it: “Two small triangles and a belt. You won’t be allowed to consume anything, not even air.”

While another asked the question we were all thinking: “What laws of physics make that possible? We’d love to know.”

Journalist and author Jenny Landreth took great pleasure imagining trying to wear this in real life.

Whatever you do don’t wear it to a water park.

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