How Often Should You Wash Clothes? Internet Thread Divides Opinion

To wash, or not to wash - that's the question.

People are debating how long it’s acceptable to go without washing clothes - and it’s causing some intense debate online.

While some are daily washers, others live by the mantra that if an item of clothing doesn’t smell, it’s fine to keep wearing it.

As one person puts it: “My clothes get washed if they smell or acquire a ‘dinner medal’.”

Gary Houlder via Getty Images

The great washing debate is taking place on a Mumset net thread called “Am I being unreasonable to not wear clean clothes everyday,” initiated by user Happyhippy45.

She said that her other half thinks she’s a “bit minky” because she doesn’t wash her clothes - such as tops and jeans - after each wear.

“Clothes are not ‘dirty’, they don’t smell and I don’t want to wash them,” she wrote. “I hang them up on a peg/chair to air and wear another couple of times over the course of the week.”

User Butterpuff responded to say she agreed and that as long as clothes aren’t dirty, the weather hasn’t been hot or you’ve not had suncream on, they can be used again.

Jacques Hammer added to say it’s “chronically wasteful” to wash everything after one wear.

“Pants and socks obviously get washed after each use,” she said. “But tees, jumpers, jeans certainly get more than one wear, especially in autumn/winter.”

This seems to be the general consensus among most, however some do say they prefer to wash clothes after one wear.

“I change everything every day, (I don’t wear trousers),” said user AndShesGone. “I’m hormonal and think my clothes are sweaty and yucky by the end of the day.”

Another person was completely grossed out by the people who didn’t wash clothes daily.

“Erghhh. Sorry but I think that’s minging,” said user Cacofonix. “I wash everything daily except jeans and cardigans (jeans last 3-4 days; cardigans similar but get the smell test.)

“I wash at least once a day, occasionally twice. I think loads of people smell bad. Or look unwashed. But they don’t notice it themselves.”

Where do you stand on the great clothes washing debate? Let us know in the comments below.