8 Practical Clothes-Drying Racks That Don't Take Up Floor Space

Clothes-drying racks that are wall-mounted, attached to the wall or hang from the ceiling give you more floor space.
This standard clothes-drying rack is a good solution for big spaces — but what if your apartment is too small to sacrifice the floor space it requires?
Sebastian Gorczowski via Getty Images
This standard clothes-drying rack is a good solution for big spaces — but what if your apartment is too small to sacrifice the floor space it requires?

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If you’re trying to be less wasteful, choosing to air-dry your laundry rather than dry it in a machine is an easy swap that has a big impact. You’ll cut your energy bill, plus your clothes will likely smell fresher and last longer since dryers are pretty harsh on most linens.

That said, being able to line-dry clothes relies on the assumption that you have the indoor or outdoor space to hang linens every week. The reality is that homes in America are getting smaller as more folks move to urban areas, and that means we need creative ways to live as sustainably as possible without compromising quality of life. What’s an apartment-dweller to do?

Whether you’re short on space or just need solutions to air-dry more of your everyday items, there are plenty of practical solutions for drying clothes inside a small space. We’ve rounded up some of the best wall-mounted, clip-and-dry and hanging clothes-drying racks from Amazon and beyond. And, if you want more of our editor-sourced products and reviews, sign up for HuffPost’s sales and deals newsletter.

Take a look below:

Over-The-Door Drying Rack
This over-the-door drying rack is ideal for drying sweaters and heavier items that you don't want to ruin on a hanger. Get it on Amazon, $14.
Handmade Wooden Ceiling-Mounted Hanging Drying Rack
Etsy / VariantSpaces
This pulley rack can be used in small spaces with high ceilings to dry clothes. Get it on Etsy, $115.
PRESSA Hanging Drying Rack With 16 Clothes Clips
This drying rack with clips will keep easy-to-lose items like socks and lingerie organized while they dry. Clip it onto an existing drying rack, hang it from a closet bar, or even attach it to your shower rod to keep it out of the way. Get it at IKEA, $5.
Vintage-Inspired Handmade Wall Mount Clothes Drying Rack
Etsy / blkolivecottoncandy
The perfect solution for awkward spaces. Get it on Etsy, $175.
GRUNDTAL Wall Drying Rack
For a permanent solution that's stylish and out-of-the-way, this wall-mount drying rack from IKEA is effortless and gets the job done. Get it at IKEA, $27.
Foldable Clip-And-Dry Clothes Hanger
Whether you're super tight on space or only need to air-dry a few things every time you do laundry, this clip-and-dry hanger is a practical solution. Get it on Amazon, $9.
Retractable Tension Clothes Line Drying Rack
Whether you need a tool to use indoors or outdoors to dry your clothes and linens, this retractable drying rack is easy to use and gives you up to 40 feet of drying line. Get it on Amazon, $17.
Homemade Wooden Ceiling-Mounted Hanging Drying Rack
Etsy / branchesofhogan
Use it as a clothes drying rack for high ceilings. It can also be used as a pot rack in kitchens. Get it on Etsy, $150+.