How To Cook Mashed Potato: TV Chef Shows Why We've Been Doing It All Wrong

Mind = blown.

When it comes to mashed potato, most people opt to boil their potatoes, drain them, add a little milk and butter, and start mashing.

But, according to Food Network chef Tyler Florence, those who abide by that rule have been doing it all wrong.

Florence told Popsugar that when you boil potatoes in water and then drain them, you’re essentially pouring away all of the flavour.

“So what I do with mashed potatoes - because you finish them with cream and butter anyway, right? - is I’ll take that same cream and butter and add that to the potatoes and cook the potatoes in cream and butter,” he explained.

Florence said that he tends to place peeled, chopped potatoes in a mixture of cream (or milk), butter and olive oil in a pan. He also adds garlic, sage, rosemary and a little bit of thyme.

He then simmers the concoction on the hob for around 20 minutes until the potatoes are tender.

Next he puts a bowl on the kitchen worktop with a colander inside and pours the potatoes through the colander, so the cream collects in the bottom.

“Then I’ll put the potatoes back into the pot and take the potato-infused garlic cream and fold that back into the potatoes, and it’s the most incredible flavour profile,” he added.

This is easily as life-changing as when we found out we’d been breaking Toblerone incorrectly.

Now go forth and make epic mash.

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