09/01/2017 15:58 GMT

8 Ways To Get Over Being Cheated On

Oh, hell no.

It’s the second week in January and you’ve just found out your partner (who you spent all that money on at Christmas) has been having sex with someone who definitely wasn’t you.

Just like thousands of other betrayed lovers, you’ve been stung by the 71% of extramarital affairs that start in the first month of the year.

Their New Year’s Resolutions could really do with some work. 

So before you fall into a pit of Ben & Jerry’s and self-loathing, try these 8 ways to cope instead.

1. Let yourself cry ugly tears.

Let’s get this out there. There is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned sob.

The problem comes when that weeping is happening after too many drinks at the pub with work people and now they know the whole sorry story. Save it for your *actual* mates.

2. Don’t try to find out about the person they did the dirty with.

Name, age, parent’s home address, or whether they visit the gym more frequently than you (ahem). None of this will ever end well, because this isn’t about that person. This is about your terrible unfaithful partner.  

3. Listen to Beyoncé cause girl knows how you’re feeling. 

Been there. Done that. Got the lemonade.

4. Allow yourself to be treated.

Whether that means a melt-in-the-middle chocolate fondant, buying those velvet trousers you know your other-half would have hated, or going on a spontaneous weekend away, you totally deserve this.

5. But know where to draw the line.

That revenge bod isn’t going to grow itself you know. 

6. Join dating apps. 

Obviously it goes without saying that this one only really works if you’ve not decided to give your partner another chance (which FYI, probably isn’t your best idea).

But even if you’re not planning on going on dates, the distraction and boost to your self-confidence is invaluable in these dark days.

7. Surround yourself with friends and family. 

This is no time to be alone if you’re feeling volatile. And choose friends who didn’t always hate your partner, because there will drown in the “I told you so” atmosphere.

8. Stop Googling ‘how to stay together after being cheated on’.

If that is going to happen, it will happen naturally and in accordance with how you actually feel in your heart. Not because of the advice you find on a search engine. Honestly, what would your mother say?