Cleaning Experts Explain How To Master The 'Closing Shift' In Your Home

It doesn't even take that long.

If you’re on #CleanTok, you’ll likely be familiar with the ‘closing shift’ trend.

Inspired by hospitality and amassing over 1.9M views on TikTok, the #closingshiftathome trend typically involves 20-30 minutes of cleaning, tidying up and ‘closing down’ your home before going to bed.

It’s thought to give closure to the day and set you up for the day ahead — just like in a restaurant or bar.

20-30 minutes for my house to be tidy and ready for the next day? Sold.

How to do a closing shift at home

If you’re looking to get started with doing your own closing shifts, the experts at Method have put together a guide on the steps you need for an efficient, productive closing shift at home.

Declutter your worktops

We’re all guilty of letting ‘things’ pile up on our kitchen worktops throughout the day but before you can get cleaning, you need to remove all crockery and condiments from the countertops and dinner table.

Start spritzing

Spritz down the dining table, worktops and high-touch surfaces in the kitchen, dining room and living room with antibacterial spray. Also ensure that you clean placemats and coasters as you go! Leave for five minutes before wiping down.

Do the dishes

While the anti-bac is working its magic on your surfaces, it’s time to do the dishes from dinner. Once clean, load all kitchenware onto the dish-rack, leaving it to air-dry.

Wipe down the surfaces

Grab a clean, damp cloth and wipe down all the surfaces you previously spritzed. In the kitchen you can double down with an extra daily kitchen cleaner solution.

Sweep the floors

In what is known as the ‘high-low’ rule — always cleaning higher surfaces of a room and then working your way down, the next step is sweeping up all the crumbs and debris on the floor.

Put your dishes away

This is pretty simple! Put your dishes away then clean the sink and draining board.

Finally, set up for the next day

Fluff your sofa pillows, replace dirty tea towels with clean ones, fold and put away laundry and ensure placemats and coasters are ready for breakfast.

Is it weird that I’m now excited to get started on my own closing shift?